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How to Crack and Patch Android Apps and Games Free

Who won’t try their hands when he/she can have premium features with little tweaks? Of course, no one will. Cracking and patching android games and applications are being done since around the launch of the stable android operating system. Especially, cracking games is fun when we desperately want to finish certain game levels which are very hard to accomplish. The scenario of crack and patch is in trend nowadays. 

You can have a taste of such by searching any popular android game and app with paid feature online. If take temple run, candy cash, subway surfer – the most popular games in the android games history, you will be able to find many crack and patched games online even while just searching without “crack” tag in the search query. Well, these apps and games can be cracked with the help of third-party apps. Lucky patcher for android is one of the most popular and widely used app for cracking premium features of apps and games. Is it complex and confusing as per the name? Don’t worry, this article will simplify the entire process with stepwise guys. Just stick till the end. 

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky patcher is a cool platform for modifying premium features of any android applications and games. All you need to have is rooted mobile device. It does not only patch apps but also allows users to customize their device the way they want. Apart from that, it also allows you to block irritating ads that continuously appear on apps which are freely available on play store. Using lucky patcher, you can backup and restore various apps installed on your device. There are many apps that require license verification in order to install on a device. In such case, lucky patcher can bypass premium license verification. In short, it gives you to full control of your device so that you can whatever you want.

How to use lucky patcher to crack apps and games

The first and foremost thing is to have lucky patcher apk file. Lucky patcher APK file is necessary as it won’t be available on Google play store. Such app won’t be available on play store because it manipulates or tweak some root files of parent operating system. Simply follow the following procedure and you will be able to crack apps and games.

Step 1: Download Lucky patcher APK 

By just googling lucky patcher, you will have thousands of search results. Among them, you can choose any legit website to download lucky patcher apk file. Just go ahead and download it.

Step 2: Install Lucky patcher APK 

If you want willing to crack apps and games using lucky patcher, I think installing lucky patcher should not be tough for you. However, don’t forget to enable unknown sources to avoid any errors.

Step 3: Get familiar with installed lucky patcher

Once your installation ends successfully, open it and you will find the following screen. You will find all of your apps installed on your device. You can scroll down to look them all.

Step 4: Getting started

Select the app you want to crack or modify. On click upon such app or game, you will see a bunch option there. Among them, choose open menu of patches.

Step 5: Selection of the appropriate option

This is the stage where I don’t need to guide anyone regarding what to do. You can choose options according to your need like remove license verification, Google advertisements, create a modified APK file etc. As we are cracking apps, you need to select support patcher for InApp and LVL emulation. 

Step 6: Final stage

If you are following all stages properly, you will get the final window containing options as shown in the following screenshot. Select it according to your need, otherwise, keep it as it is. 

Now, all you need to do is to wait for a while till lucky patcher does the magic. You will get a success message and it’s done. Whoila! You just cracked an app. 


This was the straightforward guide for cracking apps and games using lucky patcher. Now, you don’t need to be irritated from ads showing on apps. Because using lucky patcher, you can easily remove such ads, bypass premium license verification, unlock paid features of games such as diamonds, gold, points, weapons etc. Enjoy ?

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