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How To Perform YouTube Keyword Research In 2019 (With Complete Step By Step Guide)

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization of YouTube videos many of us believe that it’s very difficult because you have to produce high-quality content for that well I’m partially agreed on the quality of but actually anyone can track on YouTube if they follow certain guidelines. The YouTube SEO begins with the healthy keyword research that you need to perform to rank for any keyword, keywords have high difficulty while many of them have low difficulty so and the beginning you have to go low difficulty keywords and for that you need to follow these basic guidelines which I am going to share in this article so stay tuned and don’t skip a single word here.

YouTube Keyword Research In 2019

Generate a complete list of Keyword ideas

The first and basic step you need to do is collect all those keywords which are somehow relevant to your topic. Open YouTube and type few characters of your main keyword in the search bar and here you will see a bunch of related keywords which are also searched by other people which are also known as suggested keywords. Analyze some of these best keywords which are relevant to your topic then you should blindly add at them in your list because they are currently in Trend. Now after filtering some of the main keywords with the help of YouTube keywords suggestions, you have to open each and every keyword by typing in the search bar and then sort by most popular videos. Now the next step would be to collect the tags of all those videos which are ranking for that particular keyword that you have typed in the search bar.

Collect the tags

To extract tags of any particular YouTube video there are a variety of services that you can use, Vidlq is a popular Google Chrome extension that helps you to extract tags of any YouTube video once you open it in the tab where the extension is currently active. If you don’t want to install any extension then you can also use online services such as odownloader that helps to extract YouTube tags of any video once you enter its URL.


It’s the most important and last process in YouTube video Optimization. Once you have collected the main keyword and its relevant tags from the top-ranked videos then you have to use all those tags in your YouTube video but make sure that your pattern is unique to avoid any duplication. You can also add some curiosity creating keywords at the beginning of your title with your main keyword to increase the click-through rate on your videos once they are ranked.

Remember, all these steps will only work if your video is not copyrighted and the content in your videos is according to YouTube community guidelines because YouTube only prefers those videos which are friendly to their algorithm.

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