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How to Make a Water Bottle Bong?

Sometimes you have one piece of glass bong. It will break while cleaning or your hand will slip it mid toke. Your tear slowly trails down your cheek after seeing the broken glass bong. You will be shocked how you can smoke for the next few days without a good bong. When you have no bong then water bottle bong is the best choice for your next smoke session.

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong

Everyone faces this issue and thinks about how to smoke with premium feelings. This time to make a water bottle bong.  This bong is not your primary smoke device. When you have not anything then water bong is your last tool for smoking. It is an easy, quick and incredible solution to making this tool. This trend will come from old water bong.  Before starting to learn how to make water bottle bong, you must have materials in your house. P.S If you don’t want to do a lot of hard work to make

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Things you need for Water Bottle Bong:

Making a water bottle bong, you need to go crafty with basic tools. These tools are available at your home or you can check these tools in your junk drawer or stash box.

Following things you need:

  • An Empty Water bottles (You can use soda bottles, angry drinks bottles or any other bottles. Remember that you must wash it before using).
  • Sharp Knife or Scissors
  • Good Marker, Pointer or Ball Point
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Skewer, Toothpick or matchbox stick
  • Match Box
  • Pipe (It depends on you, if you like then use otherwise not use).

Setup a Bottle:

Pick a water bottle which has a standard 16.9 or 17 ounce size because it works better than other bottles. If you cannot find a bottle then you can check your junk box or use any soda bottle. Thoroughly clean the bottle from inside. If you want to get the flavor of soda then use a soda bottle and not clean it. You do not need much hardworking for this bong because this bong does not need smoke through the water.

Remove Wrapper and Lid:

After cleaning the bottle, remove the wrapper and lid from the bottle. If you enable it to remove the wrapper then you can use water which helps you to remove the wrapper from the bottle. But mostly, the wrapper will be removed from the bottle easily.

Setup Downstem:

You need a thicker marker, highlighter or Ballpoint for setup downstem. Remove everything inside marker, highlighter or ballpoint. Also remember that if you use a thicker marker or ballpoint plastic body then it’s best for you to inhale gently. This plastic body will help you as a down stem. Now let’s set up a bowl.

Setup a Bowl:

If you have a broken glass bong metal bowl then it’s good to go. If you have not then cut a piece of aluminum foil according to your pen mouth. Look at your marker, ballpoint or highlighter.  After cutting the foil, fold it and try to make it thicker. If you want to get best results then use thicker foil. Fill the hole of your marker or ballpoint with foil and press the foil using your finger or thumb. Do three to five holes in foil using a skewer, toothpick or sharp wood stick. You can also use a needle to do these holes. Must be sure that holes are not big because this bowl will help you to hold your herbs.

Fit Downstem:

Now we will fit the downstem which we already made in the previous step. You can use a sharp knife, scissors or blade to cut a hole according to your downstem in a water bottle bong.  When you do these steps then insert your downstem in a water bottle at 45 degrees.

Dig a Hole:

Before digging a hole, you must be sure about position. Because the correct position will comfort your fingers on the bottle. After calculating position then dig a hole approx. 2.5 cm. As a beginner, make a small hole. If you need a large hole before a small hole then you cannot make it smaller.

Put Water on Water bottle bong:

When you do the previous steps then put water below then downstem. When your downstem is under water then you will go to another step. Let’s fill the bowl.

Fill the Bowl:

Now you can put your favorite herbs in the foil bowl. We suggest you just fill it up and not over the sides. You can add more herbs later. If your herbs fall into the bottle then your holes are too large.  To solve this problem, Pick the aluminum foil and try again.

Let’s Smoke:

Before starting a smoke water bottle bong, keep the bottle sideways of the downstem and put your thumb on hole. Use your bottle mouth for smoking. Also use a lighter, match box to ignite your herbs. To taste the herbs, pull them into your mouth with your lungs.

Note:  When sticking up your bowl, keep your face away.

Final Words:

There is no replacement for real bong because real bong provides a premium taste that is cleaner and enjoyable. But when you have no real bong then a water bottle bong is the best choice for time pass or alternative to a glass bong. Go ahead and enjoy your bong.

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