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How to Make a Move Step by Step: Complete Guide

Moving, although sometimes exciting and exciting, are moments full of stress. Moments in which we think that the list of chores does not stop growing for a long time and effort that we invest in it.

Make a Move Step by Step

Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Move

Check all your Belongings

If you are moving to another state, like for example Arizona, a good way to start is to make a list of tasks. Review all our things to decide what stays and what goes. And is that taking advantage of the moment, do not you think it can be useful to get rid of some things that we have not used for some time or that we have accumulated without realizing it?

Make a to-Do List

Make a list of moving tasks,in this you must include chores such as the removal of your household supplies, the search for a moving van, buy the materials to pack your things, package them, establish a day of transportation, etc.

Start Making Boxes

Once you have checked your belongings and decided what you are going to take, touch start packing them. A practical advice in this regard is to start with the things that are not necessary for our day to day and leave the basics (such as bed or our clothes) for the last day. Also, remember that a good option may be to temporarily store the things you least need in a storage room. This way you will free up space and you can carry out your tasks in a much more comfortable way.

Ask for a day off

If you plan to ask for a day off at work for the move, remember to do it at least two weeks in advance since, by law, you are required to notify with that margin time.

Make the Change of Address

Remember to report the change of address where necessary. And it is that in addition to canceling the supplies of your current home you must also domicile your receipts, etc. To the new home.

Prepare a Suitcase

The week before the week, start thinking about everything you need to have on hand during the process. We suggest you prepare a suitcase with the basics that we will need (clothes, makeup, pajamas, documentation…) during the transition days. Having everything ready will save us surprises during the process and will make everything much more bearable.

Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Move

Last Details

As the move approaches, pay special attention to small details. For example, check that everything is well packaged and labeled (especially your most fragile belongings), make an inventory to have everything located and remember to defrost the refrigerator in advance if you have to transport it.

Once you have everything ready, just surround yourself with good professionals (and friends) who give you a hand right now. Much encouragement!

Make a Moving Plan and Start

This may seem obvious, but don’t assume you have a safe moving date before you have hired a moving company. Many clients wait until the week of their move to sign a contract with a moving company, which can lead to an increase in moving costs, corral it in the hiring of packers and even force it to postpone the date of the move. Once you have the date chosen for your move, establish a packing plan that will allow you to create an inventory of what you have, determine what things you want to take and which ones to sell or donate and thus relieve some pressure on the packaging if you schedule it in several weeks.

While Sorting and Packing, take Inventory

Depending on the coverage plan you purchased with your moving company, you will be required to submit an inventory list in case something is damaged or stolen. Without an updated inventory, you are unlikely to remember everything you have.

Knowing what you have is also advantageous if you ever need compensation for the home insurance company. And another advantage: With a clear idea of what you have, you can better organize your new home.

Evaluate all your Saved Things

About six weeks before moving, there is a preparatory work that will make things easier in the last week before moving.

Do you store things and store them in your garage, or in a yard shed, in containers under the bed, piled up in boxes in the basement or attic, and even putting them in a paid deposit? Six weeks before moving in, check everything stored and decide what to store, sell, donate or throw away.

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