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How to Last Long During Sex: 5 Powerful Tips!

Was it good enough?

In life, there are a few things that are not meant to last long. Pizza slices, desserts, your favorite TV Show, weekends, and your vacations, are a few of them. But clearly, sex isn’t one of them.

How to Last Long During Sex

When you are intentionally having a quickie, once a while, things are different. But super-hot sex shouldn’t have a time limit assigned to it. When you are ejaculating unexpectedly, not only is it embarrassing, it is one of life’s greatest disappointments.

Now, this brings us to the next point, that is.

How long should sex last?

Depending on statistics, if it lasts under 3 minutes you might need clinical support. But if the time span varies between 3-7 minutes, it is adequate. Further, stats have also shown that 7-13 minutes is desirable, and in fact, 10-30 minutes is too long. But here is the thing, almost 82% of the people aren’t happy with how long sex lasts.

So, are there any fixed time intervals that you need to follow to pleasure your partner and yourself? No. It all depends on you and your partner. Some days, your partner might want you to keep going, and on some days, they might want a quickie. Some days, they might desire more foreplay and, on some days, they might want more of the actual act or oral. Whatever be it, the thing is, you need to be in absolute control of your ejaculation if you really want to pleasure your partner. If you are not, this is what leads to sexual dissatisfaction.

To help you, there are certain ways that have proven to help you last longer. Also, there are devices that can help you better your overall experience and satisfaction. To know more, visit You might be in a very hopeless situation, but with regular practice of what we have written below, you are sure to increase the amount of time you last in bed.

  1. Practice Kegel Exercises

If you haven’t heard of Kegel exercises before, here’s a brief introduction: they are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which in turn help you control your ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Before you start with Kegel exercises, you need to first discover your pelvic floor muscles. Discovering them is easy. The next time you go to pee, start stopping midway while you are peeing. The muscles you need to fire up to stop the flow are your Pelvic Floor muscles. The muscles you are contracting are the exact same muscles you need to contract while practicing Kegels.

One more way of discovering your pelvic floor muscles will be to stand naked in front of the mirror and try lifting your testicles up. Once you discover your pelvic muscles, Kegel exercises are about tightening these muscles. You can start with holding for a count of 10 and then releasing and practicing it a few times. They have been proven to help you last longer. And the beauty is, you can do it anywhere without anyone noticing.

  1. You don’t need to thrust like a jackrabbit

Remember, there is no direct correlation between the pace you are thrusting and the amount of pleasure you and your partner are deriving. Rather than solely focusing on the pace of the act, you should rather focus on the nerve endings, in her vaginal entrance, (if you are in a heterosexual relationship).

Also, you can press your penis against his or her G spot, for G-spot orgasms. Of course, you will have to thrust but the pace should depend on your partner. Most women do not want you to thrust like madmen. One pro tip would be to listen to your partner’s moaning and adjust according to it

  1. Choose the right condom

For satisfactory sex, safety should be your topmost priority and to ensure that, condoms are your best friend. Unless you are trying to have kids, make sure you have some condoms handy at all times.

Apart from helping you stay safe during the act, choosing the right condoms ensures that you last longer in bed. This happens so because they help you desensitize your penis which further helps you prolong the pleasure. For instance, using ribbed and studded condoms will act as a numbing agent on your penis, making the act more pleasurable, for both of you.

  1. Switching Sex positions

As I said, you don’t have to thrust like a jackrabbit in a specific sex position. Rather than sticking to one position, if you play with positions, it will help you in multiple ways.

It makes things more exciting which is always more pleasurable and also helps men take their time off in between the switch helping them prolong their ejaculation. Finally trying positions that are more physically strenuous makes you focus more on technique and skill, distracting your entire focus from your penis which always helps you last longer.

Move ahead from the conventional missionary or doggy, and try more positions.

  1. Trying edging and masturbating beforehand

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, a lot of it is about practice. So, when you are playing with yourself, delaying your time to orgasm actually helps you when you are in the act. This is called edging.

While playing with yourself, you take yourself to the edge of your orgasm but stop all physical work there, wait for things to get back to normal (deep breathing helps a few), and then start again. This trains the body and mind to last long.

Secondly, masturbating before you get into the act is like orgasming the second time while you are with your partner. Orgasming the second time always takes more time than the first one, so this will also give you more time to pleasure your partner!

Over to you…

Finally, remember the most important thing you need to do to last longer in bed is to communicate with your partner. There is no shame in admitting to your partner what you are going through. Most couples suck at communication and very often, these are couples who aren’t having great sex lives either.

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