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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

Snapchat is flashing a new-age chat application that has attracted a lot of millennials in recent times. It is a visual social media platform that enables all kinds of chat forums. The features and functionalities of Snapchat have been growing ever since its inception for it has become one of the modern most-used chatbots that are available in the web world.

They were extensively used for chatting or snapping, but now users can record conversations and also locate friends on the map exquisitely. Some form of augmented reality and camera recognition techniques are added to the application to make it more sophisticated. Many features of Snapchat have made it the most promising software and few of them have made it distinct from the flock of other software.


In this document, we would delve into details of Snapchat and get some exclusive cues on how to block on Snapchat, how to know when someone has blocked you on Snapchat, etc. There are times when Snapchat can become more indulgent in your life as you continue to engage in it. Anonymous people might get into contact with you and the best way to evade that is by banning them from your contact list or blocking them from any conversation.

Blocking someone on Snapchat:

If you are rummaging or searching the contact list on Snapchat and happen to not find that particular name, then there is a high chance that the person has blocked you from their channel. Blocking someone is a very common concept when it comes to Snapchat as it is a very accessible feature to evade any type of unwanted indulgence.

Some of the features of the Snapchat spotlight and live video chatting etc. has the capability of performing some extraordinary functions. Few of them qualify to be one of the unique features of any chat application there is. People use them at their liberty for various purposes to dwell in the world of chatting forever.

Blocking someone on Snapchat

Sometimes when people get too chatty and disrupt the daily life of the other participants, they get cut off from their chatting list. This blocking functionality is too common and it is also very difficult to figure out whether you are blocked or not. There are some amazing tips on how we actually find out that.

History and Contact List:

Snapchat maintains the list of members in your chatbot as a way of tracking your chatting history. Then find the person with who you may want to strike up a conversation. This person may have been on your contact list prior to this time, but they may suddenly be missed out from the list. This is a cue to know that the concerned person has blocked you. This also does not guarantee this explanation obviously as it may just be a case of being unfriended by the person. However, if you don’t find that person on the contact list, it is enough to spark the suspicion of being blocked by the person in some possibility. Although you have to clear it up by following the tips that are forthcoming in the document.

Search the username and ID

There is a search feature in the application which allows the users to get their desired profiles. Try searching their name by typing it in the space. If you don’t see their name auto-filling on the space, there is a high chance they may have blocked or unfriended you. This could also cue you to understand they may just have deleted their account. So, a double check on this option is warranted after you have done this initial search.

Search the username and ID

Ask your friends or enter as a new member:

Sometimes, there is no way you can figure this out unless there is a flow of real conversation with other people close by. Once you engage in chat applications, you eventually end up forming a group or cohort with similar mined people who happen to know about all affairs and gossip. Knowing something from the proximity of people around guarantees truth in huge possibility. So the best way is to just enquire your friends directly on the Snapchat status of the friend you might know and also check for Snapchat for Business.

Another way is to just create a fake ID and try rummaging for the needed person. A small pretext for finding information is harmless and probably the best way to track reality in times of suspicion. This would enable you to search for the person as a new member and if you have been blocked, the contact might show up on your fake ID. This is an indication to understand the person has simply blocked you. If it does not show up in either case, then the chances are that he or she has signed out of the application once and for all.

How to block someone on Snapchat:

Sometimes, some people might be too indulgent and chatty that they disturb your daily schedule. Any anonymous person could get access to your profile and start crashing in on your chatbot. The best way to stay away from these distractions is to just block that person. Below steps reveal the way to block someone on Snapchat.

Blocking people on Snapchat:

  1. Go to the search page
  2. Type the username
  3. As it appears in the window, hold the cursor on that particular username for some time
  4. A pop-up will immediately show up with options to perform on the user, blocking is one among them
  5. Press block and the action is done with an immediate effect.

How to block someone on Snapchat


Snapchat has become the staple chat application of today’s generation. People have become too addicted to this platform as it has been touted to have occupied the professional space as well. Many official communications seem to have been staged through this forum and people find it too comfortable for frequent usage because of its many functionalities. Sometimes when you get blocked from any person’s chat list, you may not be able to get in contact with that concerned person through any means. This document is an apt guide to aid you on how to know that you have been blocked.


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