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How To Install A VPN On Apple TV?

Using a VPN is becoming a common practice with each passing day. Gone are the days when people saw VPN as a surplus technology for leveraging additional security.

How To Install A VPN On Apple TV

Nowadays, it has become an integral part for the individuals that browse the internet. It provides extra protection and privacy from the government, intelligence agencies, and cybercriminals.

Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or smart TV, they intend to make their browsing safe and secure. However, using an Apple TV VPN is not as simple as it is on the other devices.

If you are looking for a one-step solution regarding how to install a VPN on Apple TV, you may not find any. There are a few ways with which you can enable the VPN on it.

However, the setup is a multi-stage process. Gladly, it will not require much technical knowledge. You need to know how to maneuver your way through the settings.

Using a VPN on Apple TV

First of all, you need to get the VPN’s DNS server IP. It varies according to your virtual private network provider. You might be given a list of compatible device and DNS settings by your provider.

If not, you can always request for the DNS.Once you have the DNS server IP, reach out for your Apple TV. Go to Settings and from there select General.

Move to Apple TV Language, which is available in the Language and Region section. From there, change the location of your iTunes Store to the area of your VPN.

Now, go back to the main page of settings and head over to the Network settings. From there, move to WiFi and select your connection.

In connection options, you will see Configure DNS. Change the configuration of your DNS from automatic to manual. As you change it to the manual, you will see an input section asking you for the DNS server IP.

Type in the details you got earlier from your VPN provider. Once done, save it and restart your Apple TV. The changes will take place upon restarting the device.

Router Method

Bear in mind though that the above method just configures a DNS on your Apple TV and not a secure and encrypted VPN connection, which protects your from surveillance.

In order to get maximum security on your Apple TV, you will need to invest in a pre-configured VPN router, from names like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

Since the VPN will already be installed on the router, you can directly connect your Apple TV to the Wi-Fi and enjoy unblocking any VoD service, without any additional hassle!

Why People Use VPN On Apple TV?

While we address how to configure VPN settings for Apple TV, you may have a question about why people use it. It seems a little odd to be using a VPN on Apple TV for safety and security reasons.

Well, the primary reason why many individuals opt to use a VPN on such devices is to access the geo-blocked content. For instance, users may want to access the US version of Netflix.

There are specific videos that are accessible to the people of a particular region. You might not be able to access the content from Europe that is accessible in the USA.

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