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How to Initiate and Market A Profitable Window Cleaning Business?

There are several businesses that instantly rose to fame and became profitable in the past few years, and the window cleaning business is one of them. Seems unreal, right? Out of all the fancy businesses and high-tech brands, how did the window cleaning industry come under the spotlight? Well, that is what investors and business owners were shocked to hear—and they ended up scratching their heads, thinking why didn’t they invest in the window cleaning business when they had the opportunity.

Profitable Window Cleaning Business

But—if you have found this article, you are still not late. Even if you think you should start a window cleaning business, you are probably wondering how. Well, worry not. Window cleaning is a business with amazing potential—and we will tell you why. If done right, this business can generate a lot of profit for you. But how can you start a window cleaning business and run it right? That is exactly what this article will tell you.

Stay with us, and learn.

Why Window Cleaning Is a Profitable Business?

Window cleaning is a necessary requirement; almost everyone needs it regularly. In big states—such as California and New York—there are high-rise buildings, and cleaning their windows is a job for no less than a professional worker. However, in the beginning, you should aim for small clients with easy jobs. Big projects would come after a considerable amount of experience and reputation.

Even on a small scale, window cleaners don’t face customer shortage—the growth is always potentially high. In the past year, the world was going through a rough pandemic—and a major part of the earth is still suffering from it. In the pandemic, keeping your house clean was an essential requirement. In such concerning times, commercial cleaning business used their reputation of providing cleanliness and launched sanitization procedures so people can keep their windows—indoors and outdoors—clean. When people at home needed to get their glasses clean or when people in offices wanted to get back to the physical business after lockdown, window cleaners were just one call away.

In short, in the pandemic, the cleaning industry is what people need the most. Since window cleaning is a sub-industry of cleaning, it remained helpful and profitable.

Even before the pandemic, cleanliness was always a requirement needed for people in urban areas. Due to the necessity, there is no doubt window cleaning is an all-time valuable business.

How to Start Window Cleaning Business

In order to start a window cleaning business profitably, you must do things the right and efficient way. Below are some of the measures you should take when kick off your window cleaning business.

1. Choose Your Target Audience

There are two primary target audiences in the window cleaning business:

a. Domestic Cleaning: Domestic cleaning refers to the small-business owners or homeowners who are acquired with a low-rise place with easily cleanable windows. This target audience is relatively easier to capture than commercial cleaning.

b. Commercial Cleaning: Commercial cleaning refers to clients who are building owners or office managers. Commercial cleaning requires highly-experienced workers who can clean high-rise windows and upfront investment.

A new window cleaning business should start with a domestic audience, especially if you have limited funds and a smaller labor force. However, after proper work experience, you can collaborate with other commercial window cleaners to step into a large-scale market.

2. Servicing and Pricing

In order to determine your services and pricing, you need to have a detailed plan. That plan can be generated after comprehensive research about your competitors. Keep tabs on other window cleaners in your targeted territory. You can also contact them anonymously and ask questions about their services, clients, target market, and pricing.

One more thing to do is to do online research about competitors’ websites, their online presence, clients’ reviews, and recommendations, etc. That way, you can know what your prospective clients would be looking for, and you can stay one step ahead,

As for pricing, most window cleaning businesses charge by the hour—starting from 12$ to 15$ an hour for domestic cleaning. Since high-rise cleaning jobs have harder physical challenges, they start from 20$ to 25$ an hour.

However, the final pricing depends on what you are willing to offer your clients and how competitive you can be. It is better if you keep the prices low at first, and after gaining a considerable audience, increase it gradually.

3. Get Your Supplies and Transportation in Order

If you are starting a small-scale window cleaning business, it won’t require costly supplies. You can easily get cleaning supplies from a wholesaler at affordable rates. In domestic cleaning, supplies mainly include cleaning liquids, buckets, scrubbers, an extension pole, cleaning cloths, ladders, and more.

A tip: Buy your supplies in bulk to save money.

If you are eventually going to switch to commercial cleaning, you can invest in heavy equipment for high-rise buildings, such as rope, pulley, etc.

For transportation, you would need a truck—or a similarly large vehicle—so you and your workers can drive to the client’s location with all the supplies loaded. If you already do not have a vehicle like that, consider renting or leasing one.

4. Create Your Brand

Create a brand of your business and market it the best way. To do that, you would need a cool name for your business—something that reaches clients and also delivers the vision of your business, or it can be a family name if you are focusing on that. You would also need a logo design of your company to display on advertisements—digitally and traditionally.

One of the best ways to verify your brand and increase reach is to launch a website. Although social media marketing can help you from time to time, web development is a long-term investment that can boost your business.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can rank higher in search engines, and web hosting would allow you to reach more clients around your physical location, eventually creating a lot of profitable opportunities for you.

According to Logozila, the leading expert in the field of logo designing and web development, the ideal way to successfully launch a business is to launch it traditionally and digitally with high-tech marketing techniques.

In conclusion:

Follow this guide while also considering your funds, preference, convenience, and short-term or long-term plans. Results never come instantly, but if you stay motivated and dedicated, you would eventually earn plenty with your window cleaning business.

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