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How To Grow Your Tiktok Audience

If you care about trends, you should definitely pay attention to TikTok. It’s the biggest thing in the world of social media that’s happened in years, so don’t waste any time and try it out.

What stands out about TikTok, apart from the endless stream of cool content, is how easy it is for anyone to become popular. And it’s not all about having cinema level quality production or being already famous. If you are looking to grow your TikTok audience, buying TikTok followers will help you with that.

Grow Your Tiktok Audience

You will quickly become a fan of the app if you haven’t already. Whatever kind of content you like, you will find it there, along with countless opportunities.

Do you remember how everyone became obsessed with Instagram? Well, with all the algorithm updates it’s all in the past now. You can’t really grow your audience, if you don’t have it already, the feed is not chronological, all this has grown to become pretty frustrating. Here is where TikTok comes in, bringing its fair algorithms into the game. Anyone can make it on TikTok, and we are going to give you advice on how to do it. Want to grow your popularity on TikTok, get your Tiktok views here.

There are people who post a few videos a month and they still have high chances of going viral, which brings them followers. And this is not an exception to the rule, this is how it works half the time.

Ready to go viral? Let’s do it! 

Why even try TikTok?

TikTok is now one of the most used apps in the whole world. It has already been downloaded over a billion times and has 800 million active monthly users. Its growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down, especially with everyone bored at home during the quarantine.

You might not get it at first, but once you get the hang of it, you love it. And even with your first post, you can get a couple of hundred views right away.

What this means is that you clearly don’t need hundreds of followers to get this amount of views. The app’s For You feed section shows people all sorts of stuff it thinks they might like. Chances are, this is where your video will end up.

The biggest perk of the up and coming social media network is the fact that you can gain an audience literally overnight. 

How does the algorithm work?

Like any other social media, TikTok pursues the goal of keeping you on the app for as long as possible. You are offered two feed sections: For You and Following. The first one offers the videos the app thinks you might like based on your activity and the second one shows the videos from people you already follow. 

Creating a good profile

First things first, you should fill out your profile. Choose a nice profile picture and add a bio (it can be up to 80 characters long, so keep it simple). You can also link Instagram and YouTube to your profile, which can help to bring the audience over to these channels as well.

Put effort into your videos. For starters, just make sure you have good lighting and sound.

The TikTok algorithm will be showing you videos you might like based on what videos you watch till the end, like and comment on along with who you are following.

So before going any further, make sure you have your profile filled out and that your videos are interesting enough to watch till the end. 

How to go viral

Now let’s take a look at the steps you should take when pursuing the goal of going viral and boosting your profile.

TikTok trends

TikTok is swarming with trends. From challenges to dances, songs, and memes ーsomething is always trending. Some of them are pretty simple, like a beauty haul or an outfit of the day type of thing. Others that include tutorials, dance routines, and DIY are a bit more elaborate. You can take anything and show your own personal approach to the subject.

If you are looking for a trend to jump on, you don’t have to go any further than the DIscover page. There you will find all the trending hashtags and popular videos. Another way to discover trends is the For You section.

TikTok has become a pretty cool environment that encourages personal interpretation of any trend that is going viral. So don’t be shy and share what you think is fun and creative.

Don’t forget to give credit to whoever started the trend, especially when it is something complex. Be respectful and keep your integrity.

When looking for trends, you will also want to keep an eye on the trending songs. See one you like? Save it to your “Sounds” and make a video later. 


As mentioned above, the Discover page is full of trending hashtags. Be smart and add some to your videos. While there are general tags everyone uses, specific hashtags are the ones you should be paying more attention to. If you are making videos about clothes, add #fashion or #outfitoftheday to your caption. While you do that, keep your eyes peeled for what’s trending in the “category”. There might be a relevant hashtag that will multiply your views instantly, if only you just add it.

Remember though that video captions have a limit of 100 characters, so only add the hashtags you find most relevant. 

Trending songs

Using trending songs is a great way to gain more visibility on TikTok. Whenever people like a song in the video, they can click on it and find all the other videos it was used for. Ending up on that list can bring you a lot of followers.

If there is a simple dance routine going around, for example, you might want to check out all the videos with the song to learn the dance. Once you post your dance video, other people will be learning from it too. You can save songs to your favorites to use later. 


One of the other advantages of the app is that you can post as much as you want. You don’t have to worry about oversaturating someone’s feed or decreasing the chances of your earlier videos to be seen.

You can post a few different videos at once and see what works best for your audience. You can always delete them later if you don’t like seeing an “unsuccessful” video on your profile. But don’t rush, because TikTok can still promote your videos when it is already a few weeks old.

Use TikTok analytics to find the best time to post, but don’t only rely on the app. Play with it, observe and make your own conclusions about when it is best to post.

In order to have consistent growth of audience, it is necessary to be consistent with your content. If you can’t post every day, try doing it at least once a week. 


Creating unique and interesting content is the best way to boost your popularity levels on TikTok.

Try something new: make up a dance, write a short song, create a new meme format, do literally anything, but make it your own. While there are thousands of videos that go viral because they follow a trending theme, there are so many people who have huge audiences thanks solely to the fact that they make the videos in their own style.

Be patient and you will get there eventually, don’t expect everything to change overnight. 

TikTok Influencers

The number one TikTok influencer at the moment is Charli D’Amelio. Her videos are watched by millions of people, so whenever she adds a hashtag or uses a song, people jump right on it and make the thing go viral. Make sure to follow big influencers to be able to jump on a trend before anyone else.

And, of course, follow the people that inspire you. Find those people with unique and interesting content and see if watching them will help to find your own voice. 

Interacting with others

Once you find people you like to follow, make sure to interact with them as well. Like the videos, leave comments and try to see if you can create a reaction video (TikTok offers a special “duet” tool for that). You can make a new joke out of someone’s video, show how you applied the tips they give in the video, or sing a song together. The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t really have any ideas for duets yet, just leave comments. They also attract attention and may bring new followers. Just make sure your profile is all filled out and you have some eye-catching content so that the people who click on your profile in the comments section will want to click Follow as well. 

TikTok Tools

TikTok provides its users with a huge variety of filters and effects. This helps with making the videos prettier or cooler as well as inspires some new ideas. You can find the Effects button in the bottom left corner of the screen, once you open the TikTok camera.

You can also cut the clips when filming through the app, which helps create some cool transitions. Watch and learn from others to see what kind of these simple editing tricks can boost your production quality and end up in attracting new followers. Once you reach 1K followers, TikTok also enables you to do live streams, which increases engagement.

If you switch to a professional account, you will also be able to take advantage of the analytics the app provides. You can see how people find your videos, when they are most active, and who they are (age, gender, location, etc.).

Another great thing about TikTok is how easy it is to share your videos elsewhere. The video is downloaded to your phone, once you post it through the app and it already has your handle in it. All you have to do is post it on Instagram or Twitter and anyone who sees it will see it’s yours. In this article, we’ve seen several ways to increase your followers on TikTok. These include tools for boosting your likes and followers on TikTok. 

Get people’s attention

The videos are short, so don’t waste any time! Grab the viewer’s attention from the very start, because if nothing awakens their interest within the first 2-3 seconds, they are just going to scroll past it. Popular songs are of great help in this case because they get people excited and curious to see what happens in the video.

Adding some “intriguing” text to the video is a great way to make people watch the video longer. Give them a hint about what you’re about to tell them and they will stick around to find out for sure. 

Make short videos

TikTok only allows you to post videos that are no longer than 1 minute, with an average video being 15 seconds long.

If you want to take full advantage of the TikTok algorithms, you want people not to only watch your videos till the end. You want them to watch the videos over and over. So it makes sense to make the videos as short as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to only posting super short videos, but keep this in mind. 

Keep it real

This here is the most important component of a fulfilling TikTok presence. Doing trending challenges and using popular songs will, without a doubt,  bring you tons of views and will make the videos go viral. But this won’t really help in building a community around your profile. In order to achieve that, you have to make it more personal. Share your story, your opinions, experience ー these are the things that will make people like you.

Holding real value is the key to attracting an audience. Give people advice, educate them, give them a compliment or a helpful tip. TikTokers who record makeup tutorials, for example, are way more popular than the ones who just show the products they own.

Open yourself up to people and they will come to you. Share a story from your life or insight based on a personal experience. These are things people respond to with emotion, and emotion paves the way to devotion. Don’t forget the previous points though. If your story is a bit long, break it down into a few videos, leave people wanting more, and visiting your profile to find out how the story ends.

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