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How To Get Your Instagram And Web Design Collab On The Right Track?

The present and day and age is all about social media sites and platforms. Businesses are quite literally being made and destroyed on social media. Brands and organizations invest the top dollar when it comes to social media and marketing/promotional teams. There is an astounding potential in social media, and this post is specifically for individuals looking to incorporate Instagram into web design.


How to start?

Every brand or business requires a social media plan these days, and Instagram is a viable option when you are looking to modify and design website pages. The effect of Instagram has been so profound that countless websites and designers resort to the use of high-quality images to make their domains stand out and easy to navigate.

The first step is signing up for the Instagram business account. You can check out Instagram comments and followers to give your profile a boost. There are over 25 million companies on the photo-sharing platform to leverage the analytics and the promotional tools available to the users. Once you are signed up, you are all set to get on with the synergy of Instagram and your web design endeavor.

First comes the logo of the brand


The logo is the online face of the brand, and to get it right, you need a bit of background research. You need to keep with the recent trends in the web design world and devise strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Keep in mind when you are looking to build a brand, you must design a logo that resonates with the style. To that end, if you need an overhaul or a revamp, then changing the direction would be a brilliant idea. There are vital considerations regarding the text message, tagline, graphics, color, and font that will require brainstorming sessions.

The web design template should be interactive

The idea of incorporating Instagram is due to the user engagement and interaction the platform brings. Keep in mind as a business owner, you will always be hard-pressed for time, and there are several tools on offer that can make this engagement and time-crunch issue a thing of the past. There are several automated tools that you can look into that allows you to make the most of your time while keeping up with the interactions with the users. Additionally, it would help if you remembered that it is equally important to be engaging and interactive at the website beside the Instagram profile.

Minimalistic design works

Here is what you need to understand, Instagram is straightforward to use as a website, and when you are looking to redirect users from Instagram into your website, you need to make sure that the users aren’t confused by the layout of the domain. A stylized minimalistic design works perfectly fine since any website free of clutter is easy to navigate and quicker to load. Avoid too much text and heavy graphics and additional widgets that might slow the site down.

There are several ways to incorporate Instagram into web design, and every bit of it brings countless advantages down the line. So, have you started yet?

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