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How to Get Unlimited Facebook Page Likes Organically

Facebook is the biggest social media platform worldwide, with roughly 2 billion users. It is the weapon of choice for many businesses and marketers owing to the sheer volume of people there. However, success on the platform is much more complicated than other mediums.

Page admins have to tackle many obstacles before they can label their Facebook campaign as successful.  The platform’s algorithm can offset any set of good content if you had good content, to begin with!

Unlimited Facebook Page Likes Organically

As a business, a Facebook page is the basis of any marketing campaign on the platform. Continuing on this, the number of likes on a Facebook page is considered a measurement of how successful a business is on Facebook.

This gives birth to the question of how you can get unlimited Facebook page likes organically. We are here with a guide on how you can do this purely organically, i.e. without spending any money on advertising. Here it is:

Invite your friends and family

The first and foremost step of gaining tempo on your Facebook page is by inviting people around you to like your page. The main purpose here isn’t to get them to like it, it is to encourage engagement on your content and to get your page out to their connections.

When your friends like your page and consequently engage with your posts, other people are likely to find your posts on their feed. Invariably the end goal is to get the word out to other people along with your friends.

Add the link to your Facebook page on your site and emails

This has two primary components. One is adding the link to your Facebook page in emails and second, embedding your page on your site through social media widgets.

When you add your page’s link in your emails, the readers get to know about your presence on the platform and thereby might be interested in seeing what you’re doing on Facebook. Users who aren’t aware of your presence on the platform in the first place will be aware of it and users who know about you but haven’t liked your page yet will be enticed to do so.

On the same note, adding a social media widget on your site encourages your site’s visitors to check out what you have on your Facebook page. People might decide to contact you through Facebook Messenger if they have any query too, so you need to have your page on your site.

Users go from your site to the Facebook page in a bid to stay connected with you and to stay aware of future developments, such as new offers, products, etc. so you should have a welcoming environment on your page in the first place.

This can be achieved by putting a friendly “welcome” post at the top of your page’s posts by pinning it. Think of it as an invitation to users to stay and engage with your content, inevitably encouraging them to do business with you.

Run giveaways and encourage people to tag their friends on your posts

Giveaways and competitions are a great way of getting people to like your page and to boost engagement on your posts as a whole. People love to compete and to win things for free, so you can use this to boost your page’s numbers.

When you run a giveaway or a competition, ask people to tag their friends on your posts and get them to like your page, etc. to qualify for the competition. People would do this in a bid to boost their chances of winning something and you will get more likes on your page in the process.

A word of advice, ensure you’ve read Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines before you run any competition. Facebook has laid out several rules for competitions that have to be followed; you don’t want to be in their bad books!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of categorizing your posts and making it easier for people to find your posts. Whenever you attach a hashtag to a post, your post is going to show up whenever a user searches for that specific hashtag.

So even if a hashtag is not entirely relevant to your page or your business, such as when something or some event is trending on the platform, it can be used to increase your page’s audience. For example, on a day like National Friend’s day, you can add a post talking about the importance of good friends and how good friends encouraged you to start your own business.

People would see your post and if your content is good enough, like your page to stay tuned to future updates! You can post memes, video memes, informative content, or anything that stays true to the hashtag’s purpose and the kind of content users like.

Publicize your page through other social media platforms

If your social media marketing strategy only entails Facebook, you are seriously missing out! Your business should be on all major social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc. because you never know where your customers might be at any given moment!

Your profiles on other platforms can be used to publicize your Facebook page in a bid to amass more likes. You can use Instagram or Snapchat stories to give a shoutout to your Facebook page, you can add the link to your Facebook page in your Instagram Bio, the possibilities are endless!

Using other platforms to publicize your page should be aimed at getting people from these platforms to like your page. So if someone follows you on Instagram but hasn’t liked your page on Facebook, they will be directed to your page.

The shift from one platform to another should be incentivized so that people feel like it is advantageous to them. So if you’re running a competition on Facebook, ask people from other platforms to engage with your competition on Facebook.

Know when to post and when to not

The right time to post is subject to an argument in most cases as there is no hard and fast guideline to this. However, there are times when engagement is high while in some cases, even the best of content might not receive the engagement it truly deserves!

Research your audience and find out when they engage with your posts the most. As a rule of thumb, if you are dealing with professionals, the ideal time to post is in the afternoon, i.e. between 12 PM and 2 PM as that is when (most) people have breaks during work. Similarly, posting in the evening or before midnight is favorable too as people reach home and check their social media before going to sleep.

Posting at the right time ensures you get optimal reach and engagement on your posts. If you post after midnight, the chances of your post getting lost in the sea of content posted on Facebook every day are insanely high!

Get your content strategy sorted

Even if people stress how your promotion matters the most, one thing is for sure: Content is king. End of discussion!

No matter how well you use all the tips above, you need to have good content so that people feel like they need to have your page on their feeds. There is a ton of content on Facebook nowadays (just like every other platform) and you need to have good, engaging content to keep people on your page and to drive engagement.

There are many factors you should take into account while creating your content strategy. First off, please do not base your page around promotions exclusively! Use social media to connect and engage, not to promote alone!

People come to social media to engage with brands and to show their interest. Shoving them with promotional content all the time is bound to put them off.

Post regularly so that your audience keeps you in their heads all the time. Mind you, this does not mean that you start spamming your audience, you should post with moderation. Create a set of posts and publish them in intervals; don’t leave posting nor blast your users with content!

Use media, such as images and videos on your page. Such content is sure to amass numerous reactions from users as it has been discovered over time that Facebook’s algorithm favors media over texts alone. Well, it isn’t just Facebook’s or instagram’s algorithm, everywhere around the world, media is favored over texts and users prefer to see, rather than to watch.

Well, with this our guide comes to an end. We have talked about ways you can get more likes on your Facebook page and how to build a community of followers. If there is anything that confuses you, feel free to reach out!

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