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How to Get React Developer Jobs in 2021? Everything You Need to Know

React is a popular library in the tech world for front-end development, making it one of the in-demand technologies. If you are on the quest to becoming a professional React developer or you are considering learning it, knowing the right path to achieve these goals always benefits.

React Developer Jobs

Before you start applying to React developer jobs through various platforms, first, let’s go through the process of getting a React developer job in 2021. So, without further ado, let’s see the skills required to become a react developer.

Skills Required to Become a React Developer

1. Technical Skills –

In your React developer job, you would have to learn tech stack such as

    1. HTML/CSS – It is already established that React is a front-end development framework. A fascinating interface of an application is what attracts customers to engage with the application and on that account, having extensive knowledge in the fields of HTML and CSS is a must.
    2. JSX – It stands for JavaScript XML and is a syntax extension of React environment. A developer might not dive deeper into HTML but interacts more with JSX.
    3. JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6 – Another skill to master is hands-on experience on JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6. If you have a clear concept of both, you can make the most out of React framework.
    4. Git – It is a toolkit that gives the flexibility to add or update projects on various different platforms such as GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.
    5. Redux – Redux makes it much easier to keep track of the changes occurring in the application. It allows you to keep the state of the application in a single place, consequently keeping the changes traceable and predictable.
    6. Node + NPM – Decent knowledge of Node can add more to the development process.

2. Communication Skills –

Every programming job requires you to work together with different teams such as the team of developers, clients, designers and managers. As a developer, you will be required to build applications for other people and it is quite important to understand their needs for building a useful product. Informing them about how to use the product will also fall under your responsibility.

Additionally, to build the application for your client, you will need to communicate with your team members, such as designers, other developers or project managers, regarding the planning and status reporting.

3. Collaborative Skills –

As mentioned in the previous point, a programmer needs to collaborate with other team members. Especially If you are planning to go for React native developer remote jobs, collaboration is an important soft skills to acquire for a successful project.

4. Time management –

Time affects the outcome of the project. Untimely delivery of the project can lead to trust issues and disappointment in stakeholders. Proper time management skills will make you more productive and efficient in your software development career.

5. Analytical Skills –

As a developer, you are supposed to find build error free solutions. At the beginning stage of application development, you will need to find the solution for your client’s needs, in turn, making analytical decisions an important aspect of the development process.

How to prepare for the React Developer Jobs?

The next step after applying to various React developer jobs is the interview process. Following is the breakdown of the steps for cracking a react interview –

1. Commit to practising coding every day –

Practising it till you master it is the key ingredient in learning any programming language. People tend to forget the thing they learnt over time, but if you have a habit of constant practising it makes the interview preparation process much easier.

2. Time management for timely output –

It can build conflicts between the client and the company if a developer cannot finish the project in the given time. So, time management should be incorporated into your learning process from the early stages. Do not forget to take small breaks though, your body and brain needs rest  so that you can make the most out of them.

3. Go through the documentation –

Before you start looking for various YouTube tutorials or blogs, it would be helpful to go through the official documentation. The official documentation will have all the new updates available, you would not be risking learning an outdated concept.

4. Start small –

Once you have gone through the resources mentioned above, start by building small applications from scratch. This will help you get started with the planning, execution and implementation process of application development.

5. Add your best works to your portfolio –

When applying for React developer jobs, showcase your best works in your portfolio ass it can set you apart from the crowd and will give the recruiters some insight into your technical skills.

Where to find React Developer Jobs?

Even though there is enough demand in the tech industry for a React developer, searching for a job that is the right fit for you can be frustrating sometimes. Here is one platform that makes your job hunting process a lot easier. – Turing provides remote jobs in a variety of skills. If you are looking to go for remote React developer jobs in USA, this platform is the best option for you. Not only does the company offer an all-remote working environment, but it also lets you decide your own working hours. With, you will be joining a network of the world’s best developers. You will also get full-time remote software jobs with better career growth and compensation than in your local country.

How to apply at

There are a few rounds that you will have to clear in order to apply for the job opportunities at Turing company. After you upload your resume, there are three tests – seniority assessment, tech stack test, and live coding challenge. When you clear all these three tests you will be able to apply for React developer jobs.

Final Thought –

Being involved with fun and engaging React projects are the best way to gain confidence for your career growth. Additionally, think of the skills that are relevant for the position, put extra effort into creating an effective portfolio, and prepare for the interviews. Preparation for any job can be frustrating at times, but following the  tips mentioned above can help you land a job easily.

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