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How To Get A Pharmacy Technician Job With No Experience

Pharmacy Technician Job With No ExperienceIntroduction

A pharmacy technician’s job is critical in a pharmacy. A qualified pharmacy must be knowledgeable about procedures and pharmacy operations. Many pharmacy technicians are trained through institutions, but it is possible to be a qualified pharmacy technician even without training. Many states consider pharmaceutical practice as the first qualification before being hired as a technician while other countries whether privately or government-owned provide training to shortlisted applicants. Furthermore, you cannot perform as a pharmacy technician without any training.

Types of training

The type of training embraced by a state is determined by the country’s health authority laws.

Observation training

Training offered by senior pharmacy technicians is through observation of activities and duties which could take hours or even days the next stage following is the close monitoring of the pharmacy technician by the trainer. The progress to the next step depends on the performance of the technician under supervision. The whole training process takes more than six months depending on the speed of the technician under supervision.

Formal training

The primary goal of this type of training is to give quality skills to be a certified pharmacy technician. This method is beneficial for many trainees as it involves vital guidelines and details through classroom learning and exposure to the pharmacy. A person lacking training and applying for a pharmacy technician has a hard task of convincing employers to consider the job application. However, an institution training a physician is costly and consumes a lot of time since the company must be assured by the resume template an applicant writes.


Many employers want a long-term employee since they are investing in their training. During applications concentrate mostly on retail and private companies. It is wise always to have a prior understanding of the job you are applying through online resources and books. Moreover, formal training is an assurance of acquiring a pharmaceutical technician job.


In states where they require prior certification as a technician, there is no standard training but an exam. The exam requires a lot of preparation and research as it is very technical. Always highlight prior employment which was long lasting in your cover letter since training involves perseverance. Have excellent communication skills and boldness during your interview as it assures the employer willingness to be in the long-term job. If the employer accepts a person’s application, training embarked, and the trainer is qualified the company needs to submit training documentation so as training to start even before approval of the document. Registering an applicant involves paying a fee, proof of high school education level and background check submission to the countries health body. Training pharmacy technicians take same time both countries which require registration and nations which do not require registration.


In finality, for one to qualify as a pharmacy technician they must be able to operate computers and printers, use measuring tools such as medication scales and ability to process prescriptions. Customer service is a crucial factor which should be observed since technicians relate mostly to patients while giving out prescriptions.


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