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How to Gamble When on Gamstop?

GamStop is an initiative that has set gamblers on one of two opposing sides when it comes to responsible gambling and self-exclusion from online gambling activities.  Apparently, when it comes to the discussion of the stringent security measures put in place by GamStop to stick to the self-exclusion periods for the players in GB players, some online gamblers seem to feel intimidated. If you were once interested in the self-exclusion program and you suddenly changed your mind, you must know that there are many others like you in the UK.

Gamble When on Gamstop

Because UK gamblers are automatically restricted by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), together with Gamstop, once they sign up for self-exclusion, it is no surprise that you and many others are wondering how to beat GamStop self-exclusion to continue playing. In this page, we will discuss the possibility of that happening, and all that you must know.

You Could not Gamble at UKGC Licensed Casinos

Talking about the Gamstop as a whole, it is important to point out once again that it generally works across the United Kingdom. So if you are a gambler in the UK, you are entirely excluded from all the online gambling activities such as betting, software providers, and other affiliated brands if your data is uploaded to the secure Gamstop database.

According to information made available by the UKGC, the process of self-excluding with Gamstop makes it impossible for you and other users to log in, register, or even engage with an online gambling platform or app in any way. The crucial point here is that any casino that is registered with Gamstop must comply with the rules put in place by the UKGC.

Thus, they eventually have to force players to enrol in the self-exclusion service once they notice the problematic gambling patterns in order to spend money on other things. Nevertheless, there is some flexibility in the time frames that the restrictions will last as it includes an exclusion for 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years, which many may consider too long in either of the options.

If you have recently seen that your favourite casino has released juicy bonus promotions or recently offered extra credits to people who use a specific payment method, you may be tempted to find ways to return to gambling or find ways to get around Gamstop.

With UKGC licensed casinos, you cannot gamble while you have activated the self-exclusion program. Gambling for real money can easily become a real problem for many people, especially if these people are unable to control how they spend money on their online gambling activities. This is why the UKGC, in collaboration with Gamstop, will not make it possible for gamblers on the self-exclusion list to do anything related to betting online in a UKGC casino. Additionally, if you have registered by mistake or if you are no longer interested in the self-exclusion program, there is no way you can opt-out until the specified period you set has expired.

Possible Gambling Harm

Gamstop was not initiated as a way to make gambling difficult or a way to subtly put an end to online gambling in the United Kingdom. That is why it is designed in such a way that users make an uninfluenced decision to register themselves for self-exclusion. Gambling is an interesting activity, and one of the best ways to get rewarded while having fun. However, just like everything else, moderation is key, and not everyone knows when it is time to walk away.

There are so many possible gambling harms that people are exposed to when they are unable to manage their gambling activities. Some of these possible dangers include running into debt, bankruptcy, putting a strain on your relationship with family and friends, amongst others.

The main aim of GamStop is to help people with gambling problems who are willing to get all they can and possibly gamble responsibly in the future. While there are many other ways to get help apart from self-exclusion, it is a fact that sometimes the temptation to gamble can be irresistible. Hence, strict measures like those put in place by the UKGC and Gamstop will go a long way.

Use of Non-UKGC Casinos

It is impossible to gamble in a UKGC Casino once you sign up to be included in the self-exclusion list. This means that gamblers may consider gambling with a non UKGC casino where the laws and restrictions of Gamstop do not apply. This could be a possible fix to your problem, but it is also a risky one.

Non-UKGC casinos may expose you to the possible risks of gambling, amongst other dangers. However, it is only on such online casino sites and mobile applications that you can gamble while on Gamstop. Whether that works for you or not, it is imperative to gamble responsibly.

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