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Gambling Therapy Forum Vs. GamCare Forum

With the amazing growth of the online gambling field, the number of people suffering from a gambling problem has also increased. Several organisms and support groups were, therefore, launched to reduce these issues and help players who are affected by gambling harms. Gambling Therapy and GamCare are two renowned gambling addiction charities and nonprofits that have the common goal to help people to overcome pathological gambling. Both are well-reputed on their strategies on supporting and treating the compulsive gamblers. However, there are some non GamCare online casinos present for UK guests.

Gambling Therapy Forum Vs. GamCare Forum

Gambling Therapy is international online support and advice whereas GamCare is the biggest responsible gambling organisation in the UK. Their forums are useful for encouraging a large number of participants to share their problems and advice. How different is the Gambling Therapy forum compared to the GamCare forum?

About Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy or GT is operated by the well-known Gordon Moody Association. In fact, this association is founded to provide unique and intensive treatment schemes for the gamblers most severely addicted not only in the UK but also outside the country. Released in 2004, the service is packed with a variety of online methods created by the skilled and professional advisors in the goal to deliver effective support and treatments.

The consumers can, thus, benefit from emotional and practical support. These strong and helpful support packages are available in 28 different languages meaning that the gamblers from all over the world can access the Gambling Therapy’s services. These Gambling Therapy programmes include email counselling, group rooms, live chat advice, support, forums, and expanded database to help those who contact the organism.

Gambling Therapy Forum

As previously mentioned, the Gambling Therapy site permits the gamblers to share their problems and to benefit from the essential advice and support. In the website forum, the trained advisors are engaged to help the consumers make responsible decisions. As some volunteers and staff are former compulsive gamblers or have interacted with problem gamblers, the gambling therapy forum has practically all the robust opinions that the participants need.

In addition to that, the platform is the meeting of people of different ages, both genders and unique styles meaning that everybody is welcome to the GT forum. This organism uses the latest technology enabling the users to access easily GT. The online application comes with tools, advice, support exercises, and effective strategies. The forum is also modern responding to the users’ wishes and needs since it comes with a nice design and functionality. The users will, hence, be at ease when participating in the conversation.

About GamCare

One of the popular independent charities founded to apply responsible gambling in the UK is GamCare. Similar to Gambling Therapy, this organism has the objective to prevent people from becoming addicted gamblers and provide treatment and support for individuals affected by gambling-related harms. The scheme was released in 1997 and is operated by the leading national provider National Gambling Helpline.

For the British gambling sector, GamCare is a solution to minimize the gambling problems in this sovereign nation. This free and confidential service has a policy based on three main responsibilities such as supporting and helping compulsive gamblers, working with the UK-based gambling operators, and providing prevention and public education. As for the first duty, helping people experiencing problem gambling is paramount for this organization. GamCare works with the professional counsellors and specialists in which the gamblers’ family members and friends can benefit from the free treatment as well.

GamCare Forum

GamCare forum resembles the Gambling Therapy forum regarding the effectiveness. In GamCare’s forum, the members are able to share opinions and experiences with others in the same situations in the option ‘Debates and Discussions’. They can discuss the theme of problem gambling recovery. Since the service works with trained and professional advisors, the forum participants will take advantage of the robust information, advice, and support.

Actually, the gamblers suffering from gambling harms are required to register to the forum and can share their feelings and experiences with others. Furthermore, the ‘Recovery Diaries’ section permits the members to record their journey from problem gambling to their recovery. In this option, those who quit gambling can share their stories or new life to give inspiration to others.

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