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How to Gain Real Followers on Instagram with Ascend Viral

Everybody wants to grow their Instagram account. An Instagram account with real, engaging followers can use their influence to sell more products, sell more services, and make more money. Getting real followers, likes, and comments can be a challenging task even for the most established social media experts, and getting real customers can be even more difficult.

Gain Real Followers on Instagram

The big question on Instagram is: “How can I gain more followers that like and comment on my posts?”  Fortunately for us, there are plenty of companies that offer affordable solutions to that problem. Unfortunately for us, it’s hard to pick the right growth service you can trust with your Instagram account.

Once you begin looking for growth services, you’ll get flooded with companies suggesting that they’re the best at providing you followers on Instagram. You’ll start to see companies use terms like “organic Instagram growth”, “gain real followers”, “dedicated account manager”, and “growth tools”.

The Problem With Most Instagram Growth Services

But here is the issue: 99% of companies that claim things like this are in direct violation of Instagram rules and regulations. Using these services could potentially harm your Instagram account, leading to a permanent shadow ban, action blocks, and possibly a full account ban.

Let’s set the record straight here: “Tools”, “bots” or “automation” that lead to Instagram growth is in direct violation of Instagram’s rules. Even when companies say “organic”, they could still be using an automation tool that damages your account.

Some companies advertise “account managers” in an effort to make it look like they’re not providing automation services, but if the service costs less than $100 a month, they’re most likely automating their client’s accounts. You should double check to make sure they’re not automating.

What Growth Service Company Can I Trust?

Ascend Viral is innovating the way brands and individuals are gaining followers on Instagram. Here’s why we think they’re service is the best way to gain followers on Instagram in 2021.

  • Manual Instagram growth. They don’t use tools, automation, or bots to grow your Instagram account, so they’re 100% compliant with Instagram’s rules and regulations.
  • Personal Instagram Growth Assistants. When you sign up with Ascend Viral, you are always in direct contact with the person who is growing your Instagram account. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in a sea of support agents. You will always have a direct line to the person who is responsible for growing your account.
  • Personalized Help. Since Ascend Viral works with you 1-on-1, they are able to give you unique, personalized suggestions for your Instagram account. They can send you hashtag suggestions, content suggestions, and tips for improving your account’s engagement.

Why Is Manual Growth the Most Effective Way to Grow on Instagram in 2021?

There are other ways to grow on Instagram that aren’t in violation with Instagram rules, but manual growth is still the most cost-effective, long-term, sustainable solution we know of. Some other popular methods include “giveaway growth” and “shout-out growth”.

Giveaway growth is typically not recommended as growth earned from giveaways typically have a high follower drop-off rate and a low user engagement rate. If your account is participating in a giveaway involving other accounts, please be aware that any followers you earn during the giveaway period will most likely not stick around when the giveaway is over. This strategy can be awfully expensive, too.

Followers that you earn from paid shout-outs can be a bit more targeted than giveaway followers, but it also can be much, much more expensive. The followers you earn from shout-outs are a bit more interested in you, but this can come at a heavy price. In terms of sustainability, you need a massive budget in order to gain consistent followers with this method. We typically recommend manual growth instead of paid shout outs as it can get you followers much more consistently at a lower price.

In summary…

  • Avoid Instagram growth services that use tools, bots, or automation at all costs. This can damage your Instagram account.
  • Check out Ascend Viral if you are interested in a manual Instagram growth service that can provide consistent, real followers that engage with your account.
  • Avoid giveaway growth services. Keep in mind that paid shout-outs can be expensive.
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