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How to Fix Xlive.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

It can be a very disappointing experience to get a pop up of an error message. One of the common error that keeps coming up is that of xlive.dll. This popup can come up at any point in time, and there are various causes behind it. It is essential to know that this error message can simply revolve but only if you know the multiple ways to fix the problem.

Fix Xlive.dll Not Found or Missing ErrorsFix Xlive.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

Before you learn to recall the xlive.dll error, you must understand the various reasons because of which it is generated. Most of the xlive.dll messages are created when this critical file gets deleted from the system. File removal can happen because of various reasons including when the data gets corrupted. The error message not only depicts the problem with an application but can also represent a failure of a hardware component, registry problem and even the presence of a virus Malware in the system.

Most of the time installing the application software again could help in removing this error message. But many times it is not convenient because of the enormous amount of data and the current state of the system.

If only the xlive.dll file has been deleted, you can try to download xlive.dll, but there are various things to remember before you decide to fix this problem-

  • Reach out to a reliable place to download the xlive.dll file as there are plenty of such records that may not be compatible with the version of software or application that you are using or may harm your system.
  • Many times Windows does not open up generally because of the missing files. Open your system in safe mode if it’s not working as expected.
  • One of the most common reasons for the xlive.dll file getting missed is that it is mistakenly deleted it by one of the users. You can use your system restore option in such time and try to get back the file. Check your recycle bin for the missing file if you think you would have performed a soft delete.
  • Make sure that you run a system scan before you reinstall any of the xlive.dll files because a lot of these files are linked with virus and Malware.
  • Keep your system up to date with the latest version of Windows and have the best System Security Antivirus installed on your machine. If you think that there is a problem in your registry you can make use of a reliable registry cleaner software that can help you resolve the issue.
  • As the last step to fix the problem, If the problem continues to take the backup of your system and then try reinstalling your Windows along with the necessary driver to run the application.

Just like any Windows problem to stay away from xlive.dll, the system is required to be kept up to date with the latest operating system and security patches. Gather as much knowledge as possible from the various online forum to be able to resolve such problems.

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