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How to Find the History of a Property Online?

Buying a new property is everyone’s dream. We all want to make sure everything is perfect at our new home. However, it is crucial to check the history of that property before buying it.

It is because there are many cases of fraudulent property selling that end up with legal problems. That is why people recommend knowing everything about a property before signing the papers.

Today, we will share a platform that helps you check the records of a property and its previous owner. It will make your work much easier and you won’t even need to contact anyone to get these details.

So, let’s by discussing this online service and how it works.

What is an Address Lookup Service? How does it work? 

Address Lookup Service

 As mentioned earlier, Address lookup is an online service that provides complete records of a property. You can check the complete details of any address without visiting it. Additionally, you can verify if there is any property at the provided address or not.

CocoFinder’s address owner lookup is not limited to the basic information as you can get the criminal activities done on that property as well. This data is shown through a report that will give you all the information you need for making a decision.

The information comes from the public database and you can rely on it without giving it a second thought. However, you need a powerful platform to use this service.

Here is our best recommendation to search for an address.



CocoFinder is the leading application to find any public information online. It has a wide database where you can find any information related to a person, phone number, or address.  This application is equipped with various features that will help you get any information within a few seconds.

When you search for a name or an address, it starts searching for the relevant information on millions of databases. After that, you can get the information in a well-designed report. That way, it can help anyone get the history of property without replying to any property agent.

It is completely secure as you do not need to create an account on the platform. Instead, you can visit CocoFinder’s website and start searching for any information you want. Your data and privacy stay safe as it does not collect data on the platform.

How to Use CocoFinder to Get Property Information 

Considering the increasing cases of property fraud, CocoFinder has made it much easier to use its services. All you need to do is follow three simple steps and you can get complete information about any property you want.

Step1: Visit its official website and click on the address lookup feature from the homepage. It will redirect you to a new page where you can proceed with your query.

Step2: Enter the address and select the city of that property. Match your query and click on the start search option. It will take some time to analyze the database.

Step3: You will get a report where you can get a complete history of that property. The report is broken down into different sections to help you read it conveniently. Once you get the report, check all the information you want and close the website.

That’s it. No registration or sign up required. You can also use its other features such as background check, people search, and phone lookup for other information. However, we recommend checking out the features to understand how they work.  

What Information Does the Report Include? 

An address lookup report includes everything you need to know about the property, owner, and neighborhood.

Section1: About Property 

The first section of the report covers some important details about the property. Please know that the details are uploaded from the previous records and the data is updated regularly. It includes:

  • Complete surface in square feet
  • Design (number of rooms)
  • When the house was built (year and month)
  • PIN code of the area
  • The average value of property
  • Tax Information related to Mortgage and pending loans

Section2: Owner’s Information 

The second section of the report covers everything about the previous owners of the property. It is not limited to their name as you can check their records as well. That way, you can know what type of person has lived at that address.

It includes:

  • Full name of the owner/owner’s
  • Contact details including phone and landline number
  • Other ways to contact (Social media and other profiles)
  • Previously owned property by the owner
  • Criminal records

These details will help you know if the person had any criminal record or not. We recommend using the background check feature on the owner to get more details. 

Section3: Neighbourhood Details 

Neighborhood plays a key role in helping you make a decision of buying a property. That is why this report includes complete information about the neighborhood of the property. No matter what property you are searching for, you can get complete details in this section.

It includes:

  • Value of the property in that area
  • Nearby market and general stores for convenient living
  • Type of people who live there ( find out if there is any sex offender)
  • The average income of people who live there
  • Demographic information

If you want to check the complete list, you can visit its website and search for the property yourself.

Final Words

Getting the public records of a property is no longer a challenging task. You can get this information from any address lookup service at the comfort of your home. All you need is a trusted service that does not sell your data to other companies.

CocoFinder comes out as an excellent solution to do it. You can browse any service while protecting your identity. Additionally, you do not pay a single dollar to use its services. Thus, it is a complete solution for anyone looking for address lookup services online.

You can visit its website and check its service by entering your address as well.

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