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How To Find Out If Your Current Seo Plan Is Making You Money?

Are you losing money with your current SEO plan? Old SEO strategies that do not generate leads are one of the biggest financial liabilities of any company. Irrespective of the niche you are in, you need to establish your presence in the online market. It is not optional for most entrepreneurs right now, since the competition is already working their way through the clamor to find converting leads. Search engine optimization is the only way you can make your website conform to the guidelines and rules of the leading search engines like Google and Bing. Apart from avoiding unnecessary penalties, sticking to the newest SEO guidelines will boost your web visibility.

How To Find Out If Your Current Seo Plan Is Making You Money

You may already have an optimization plan in place, but how do you know that it is making you money? Unless there is a detectable increase in sales, you must consider the possibility that it costs you money instead. Simply speaking, if your SEO team is not working towards giving your brand new leads and traffic for conversion, your plan is not profitable.

So, is your SEO plan making you enough money right now? How do you know if you have the right plan in place? Does your team need to work on fine-tuning it as per the new trends of online search? Or, do you need a new team to guide you to your fortune?

Here are the four questions that will help you find out how far you are from your target this year.

Do you have converting leads from your active SEO strategy?

Today’s customers depend on the web for everything. Therefore, it is no surprise that they browse their shopping options using search engines before they go out for the main hunt. Research shows that 50% of the people, who conduct their searches via smartphones, go out to brick-and-mortar stores to purchase the goods within the next day. 30% of those, who use tablets and laptops, purchase the product(s) in the next 48 hours.

SEO no longer affects e-commerce only. It also goes on to affect the sales of land-based stores through the generation of effective leads. An effective SEO strategy is always targeted, and it involves extensive research on keywords. The current search trends define the keyword optimization requirements of a website and product descriptions. Research shows that long-tailed keywords perform well in attracting crowds the convert well.

Does your current traffic convert well?

Once you learn that your website is attracting a dedicated throng of users, you should try to know how many of them are actually buying from you. The definition of Conversion varies vastly from one business to another. For some, it can mean an old-school purchase against cash, while for others it can mean a subscription for newsletters or submission of contact forms.

The responsibility of your marketing team does not end when your target customers reach the page. It begins there. It is also their responsibility to ensure that there is a guidance system in place to tell them what actions to take next. A rise in CTR is impressive, but the ulterior goal of your SEO plan is to improve revenue generation.

Is the revenue covering the cost of your SEO plan?

What is the point of having an SEO plan in place, if that costs you significantly more than the money you make from marketing? The ROI of your marketing strategy should outweigh the costs of marketing and advertising. The number of leads it generates, the number of conversions and cross-references directly contributes to the effectiveness of your optimization strategy.

An inbound lead costs 57% lesser than an outbound lead. This gives your brand enough opportunity to chalk out a rewarding SEO strategy. One way to find out all you need to about your current strategy is by evaluating it with the help of Google Analytics. It is a simple, free analytics tool that offers a complete evaluation of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Nonetheless, you can ask any New York SEO Agency like Craig Tuttle Marketing Rochesterfor their expert assistance as well.

Is your SEO boosting your sales right now?

In truth, a robust SEO plan will increase your visibility, and it can even enhance your referral traffic, but creating ONE strategy that completes all these tasks is challenging. Boosting sales is a result of a complex set of factors that include off-page optimization and on-page optimization.

The off-page SEO experience should include management of social media, building outbound and inbound links, inter-page linking, and local SEO. The on-page part of it includes keyword optimization, URL modification, optimization of the user experience (UX), creating value-adding content and creating a sound HTML markup.

Here are a few ways to see if your strategy is successful –

  1. You can keep track of your SEO success by monitoring only the organic search traffic using Google Analytics.
  2. Alternatively, you can generate an Assisted Conversions report from the tool to check the monthly comparisons of the quality of traffic from the search engines.
  • Another important strategy many SEO experts follow is assigning dollar values to organic traffic. This can be a little tricky for amateur teams. You will require access to a Google AdWords account, and you need to sync your Analytics account with the Search Console account. To find the total dollar value to your current organic traffic, you need to compare how much the keywords could cost you if you have purchased them in an AdWords campaign.

Did you know?

  • 93% of all e-commerce experiences have started with a search engine like Google.
  • Over 75% of the people entering your site right now, will never go past the first page they land on.
  • The first three results of a search hog 60% of the CTR on the first SERP of any search engine.

The contingencies of your SEOcampaignwill definitely depend upon the unique needs of your company. However, as you can see, SEO is not something you can do once and forget. It is something you need to work on every day to ensure that the people looking for you or your products can find you from anywhere.

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