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How To Find A Software Testing Company For Your New Project And What Should You Pay Prior Attention

How To Find A Software Testing Company

Cooperation with a trusted software testing company provides fifty percent of project success. A competent and well-experienced software testing company can provide an excellent level of product quality and help avoid possible risks and difficulties. On the other hand, an unreliable software testing company can fail a project, missing critical bugs, not paying attention to possible problems, neglecting effective communication, and not being able to handle sudden changes in requirements. Businesses that search for a software testing outsourcing company may find it challenging to choose the one that meets all their specific requirements, offers the best software quality assurance services and the most appropriate cooperation model.

If you are one of those who have a new project, check the software testing company list  and pay attention to our checklist that can significantly help you find a trustworthy partner.


Reputation is of primary importance when it comes to a long-term partnership. Everyone wants to deal with real experts who have managed to succeed in their business area. That is why it is essential to study all information about your prospective software testing companies. Check companies’ ranking and reviews of real clients on trusted websites, make sure that they have been satisfied with the cooperation and its results. Get acquainted with information on the official sites and social network accounts. Check how often they publish industry related posts, which companies cooperate with them, which awards and certificates they have received recently. All these will help you to get an idea of the company’s reputation and qualification level.


The portfolio is a resource of valuable information. It can provide you with proven cases of successful testing for different projects. Checking the company’s portfolio, you can get information about utilized technologies and strategies, complexity and scale of completed projects, experience and proficiency level. If a portfolio contains long-term projects, it is a good sign that proves efficient performance and the ability to build successful communication and partnerships.

Domain expertise

Domain expertise is one more important aspect. It is a must to find out whether your prospective partner has already provided testing services for products that are similar to yours, especially if it is rather specific and requires particular knowledge, skills, and tools.

Range of services

It is better to get acquainted with a whole range of services that a software testing company provides. The more, the better. Even if you do not need some of them right now, they can become essential in the future as your project will be developed.

Available technologies and tools

Find out in advance whether a software company has all the technologies and tools that are required for your project testing and whether staff have the corresponding expertise in their use.


At once, ask whether a QA team is ready and able to deal with sudden and dynamic changes in requirements and technology because it can be critically important for some projects.

Engagement model

Pay attention to the engagement models that a software testing company provides. A dedicated QA team is suitable for long term projects that require a full-time working QA team, which size can be adjusted corresponding to current needs. On-demand testers partially participate in the testing process, collaborating with other testing teams on the project.


Discuss beforehand how often a QA team is ready to provide reports on the testing process progress and what information and in which form and volume you would like to receive regularly.


Your project might have unique features that make it unique. So, make sure that there is no risk of top-secret data leakage. To protect yourself, you should discuss the terms of the non-disclosure agreement. It must be necessarily signed-off between your company and a software testing services company.

Time zone

It is a rather trivial tip, but if you consider dealing with a software testing company located in the other part of the world, it is better to consider a time lag as it can significantly affect the speed of response and problem solution.


Whichever business you run, communication is considerably important. Make sure that a prospective partner can build effective communication, responding to various queries quickly and effectively, as well as regularly informing you about work progress. Besides, if you plan to work with a foreign software testing services company, make sure that there is no language barrier, and you can easily understand each other.


Make sure that you and your future software partner have common business values and work style. If both of you look in the same direction, you will easily achieve the determined goals.

So it can take a long time to find a good software testing services company, but be sure your efforts will be justified. A reliable software testing company will help you to create an incredible project and become your long-term partner. Follow our recommendations, and you will find a company you need.

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