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How Not To Be Mistaken In Choosing A Software Testing Company And Not To Be Deceived?

Mistaken In Choosing A Software Testing Compan

A competent and reliable software testing company can be your indispensable and long-lasting partner, cooperating with which you can fulfill all your purposes and ensure your business thriving. Unfortunately, not all business owners can say that they have remained pleased with working with certain software testing companies. The reality is that numerous companies offer their testing services today, but not all of them can be trusted.

Below there are common software testing companies’s tricks from which most clients suffer:

Intentional overestimation

It is one of the most common software testing companies’s tricks. Manipulating your desire to get a high-quality product, some companies say that they need much more time than actually required. Some naive clients agree to pay for extra hours in an attempt to ensure effective testing of their products.

Specialists Substitution

I suppose you realize that there are specific differences between junior, middle, and senior QA engineers. The amount of knowledge, skills, and experience makes a QA engineer junior or senior. When you hire a senior specialist, make sure that he keeps working on your product testing. Sometimes software testing companies can exchange a senior QA engineer for a junior QA engineer in order to cut down expenses. This deception can significantly affect the effectiveness of the testing process and your product’s quality in the whole.

Cutting-edge technologies

Sometimes clients can be told that particular expensive but extremely effective technologies are needed. In fact, they pay higher costs for the well-known, or even open-sourced technologies claimed to be advanced.


Due to lack of experience or in order to avoid some unpleasant issues, some companies prefer to keep silent as for potential challenges and critical bugs.

Full package of services

As a rule, testing companies try to offer as many services as possible. Carefully check whether you really need all those services that are offered to order. Keep in mind that outsourcing companies usually offer you all available services to earn extra money.

Rich experience

To gain as many customers as possible, most outsourcing companies do their best to display their success. To assure yourself of one’s success and experience, carefully check feedback from the real clients on the trusted web portals. Ranking can also be somewhat helpful when you should get an idea of a certain company’s qualification level.

24/7 support

On the stage of negotiations far too often software testing companies tell you that you can feel free to send requests and ask any questions at any time and that 24/7 support is guaranteed. When it comes to the point, you rarely receive some response and help with your issues. Companies find all kinds of excuses for unanswered calls and letters.


Unfortunately, software testing companies rather often engage in double-dealing. A hired company can be offered to work on more favorable terms than you have already proposed. In such cases, you are usually provided with another less experienced staff or even are not told at all that your QA team members have been exchanged for other ones. If you have rational arguments to suspect your testing company of a double game, directly ask about this problem.

As you see, business owners can be deceived by some dishonest software companies in many ways. Still, do not despair and keep your head up. There are also many reliable and responsible software testing companies that are ready to help you and take care of your application or software. Of course, a process of the best software testing company searching is rather time-consuming and requires your efforts and attention. But believe, that is worth it. Below there is a list of helpful hints following which you will be able to find a prompt, trustworthy software testing company and ensure effective cooperation.

  1. Before placing your order scrupulously read feedback and reviews about your prospective partner, check how long it exists;
  2. Thoroughly study a company’s portfolio, check whether they have already had projects that are similar to yours;
  3. Find out whether your prospective software testing company has all the required tools and technologies as well as high-skilled and experienced staff in needed amounts;
  4. In advance discuss deadlines, charges and possible additional costs;
  5. Get acquainted with all QA team members;
  6. In advance define form and frequency of reports and means and time of communication;
  7. Regularly monitor testing process progress, install special time tracking apps if required;
  8. Apply for help to an independent auditor to assess time and efforts for the software testing as well as to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the testing process.

Now as you know how to avoid problems dealing with software testing companies you can get to a new software testing partner searching without a risk of being deceived.

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