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How to Find a Remote Job as a Software Engineer?

Three types of remote jobs can be considered: job in a product company, job in an outsourcing company, and work as a freelancer. It is believed that it is better to work in a product company with established processes, a good salary and a normal work-life balance, or freelancing if you want to have more time for life outside of work. It is better not to consider work in outsourcing companies, since only disadvantages are obvious in such work: pressure from management, savings on salaries, and rather high uncertainty.

Remote Job as a Software Engineer

Why do companies need it? What about us?

Hiring remote workers can be beneficial for companies that are willing to build processes and culture on a distributed team. It is cheaper than opening offices and hiring employees in your own jurisdiction, where taxes are higher and immigration rules are more complicated. Remote workers from “developing” countries can be well educated and motivated to work, and their services cost less than workers from richer countries. It also means more choice in the job market for companies that cannot afford high-value workers. For developers, working overseas can be an exciting experience and a way to make more money. In international companies, the culture can be different from the usual, which can be a rewarding experience. Salaries in foreign companies can be significantly higher than in the provinces or ordinary metropolitan companies.

Who are they looking for abroad?

Web development around the world requires front-enders, back-enders, full stack developers, site reliability engineers, testers, product and project managers, and designers. If you know mainstream programming languages, then your experience will be useful in most companies. Frontender jobs are mostly for people with 3-6 years of experience. There were few newcomers with less than 3 years of experience.

Required minimum to get into a foreign company

If you exclude unattractive offers, you can expect to receive 1-5 offers per 100 job applications.

To job software engineering in an international company, a good level of English, the presence of real and noticeable work experience and the availability of references are critical. If there is not enough language level or experience, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete your studies in six months. Recommendations from current or former employees of the company are also very important.

One of the key factors when applying for a job in an international company is the level of English proficiency.

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