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How To Escalate The Conversion Ratio Through 6 Clever Marketing Strategies

Every organization wants to expand its business growth, and they try their best to get it. But are they able to achieve it? Sometimes Yes! But 80% chances are of failure. Do you know WHY? The first and foremost reason is that they go with the usual marketing approaches, which are old now. So to get the success, they need to go with the trending marketing approaches which not only strategize their marketing process but also attract more traffic to their businesses.

Clever Marketing Strategies

So here we start the blog with the most buzzing question: what kind of marketing hacks are most effective for your business?

Here are the tips for identifying the most effective hacks that elevate your business branding, but before proceeding with the tips, you need to know the basics of the marketing process because it is essential for every entrepreneur to think out of the box and gain more website traffic. To achieve such objectives, you should have a proper planning, professional team, determination and a basic understanding of marketing.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt

In this competitive era, everyone wants to build their online presence as it is nothing but the digital mirror of your business. As per the research conducted by Mehmood hanif, people click around 11,250 ads per month, which is a huge number. Therefore, to lead your business in the top list of these searches, you should go with the best marketing hacks that not only help you to take your business to the new level but also improve your business visibility.

Now, let’s focus on the top-notch powerful marketing strategies that propel the marketers to move in the right direction and escalate business productivity.

#1 Build a strong Inbound Marketing Plan

Are you familiar with the term inbound marketing? If yes, then good to go. If not, then Don’t Worry!

Inbound marketing is all about sharing knowledge and creating real-world values to attract the right people at the right time and build a positive impact on the clients. Now, you might be thinking-

How to create a valuable experience without putting extra efforts?

Inbound marketing is the answer.

This marketing strategy includes three stages: Attract, Engage and Delight. By focusing on each stage, you can add value at each stage of your customer’s journey. Furthermore, you can build trust as it is the best way to sell, market and server good quality services to your potential customers.

Inbound Marketing Plan

By creating a holistic inbound marketing plan by using attractive content, engaging videos, interactive emails, and conversational tools like chatbots, CTA, etc., you can quickly customize and schedule your business processes to grab customers attention and convert your leads into potential customers successfully.

As per the research, most of the marketers observed that with the help of inbound marketing, they could generate three times more leads than using traditional methods.

Still, Are you looking for marketing strategies when you have already the best solution to create a revenue stream?  Start creating a strong inbound marketing plan to build deeper relationships with your potential customers.

#2 Do prefer landing pages to personalize your Ad Post-Click

As said; the First impression is the last impression. So, it is crucial for you to create customize and attractive ads as it is the first step which can either create a new lead or could break your campaign.

A landing page is the best way to build a good impression on your prospects. Whenever user clicks on some ad, they will redirect to the next page. Moreover, one can engage their clients only if their potential customer finds something unique.

Therefore, to fulfill the user needs, you should optimize your CTAs, chats, etc. to strengthen the mind of visitors. So, before planning to generate revenue, personalize the advertising experiences to delight more leads to your site.

#3 Don’t forget to advertise on social platforms

In this digitization world, everything is done socially as there are around 2.7 billion people who actively use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, etc. regularly. This number is gradually escalating day by day.

advertise on social platforms

By looking at the demand of social media, most of the organizations prefer to use it for increasing their revenue by attracting more visitors.

As social networking sites have taken over the world, so, you need to advertise your products on different social websites in an interactive way as it is one of the essential ways to grab the customers attention and grow your small business.

However, to reduce your marketing efforts, you can further automate and schedule your posts across a variety of social platforms.

Isn’t it interesting? Without putting in extra efforts, you can easily visualize your business growth. So, focus on advertising on social platforms as it is the easiest way to convert visitors into potential customers.

#4 Focus to engage through Word-of-mouth Marketing

Generally, customers believe what their friends, relatives, and colleagues say. It can be said that the recommendation is more impactful than traditional advertising.

More is the conversation! More will be your business branding.

By delivering high-quality services, you can create your compelling stories to build a deeper relationship with your potential clients. If your clients are satisfied with your services and create an excellent customer experience, then your potential customers can be your word of mouth.

To implement word-of-mouth marketing, you do not need additional investment. You just have to focus on product quality, rest everything will work automatically.

#5 Make your products visible

Just image, you provide excellent quality services to the people and create a compelling website, but the new visitors are unable to find your products or browse your site. It’s totally wastage of time, cost and resources.

To make your new products visible, optimize your content, images, and your overall website to showcase all your services and rank your site at the top of the search engine.

If everyone will view your services, you can get a better way to serve more people in less time and enhance your business ROI. Therefore, if you wish to get a top-notch position in the marketing world, showcase all your activities by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) technique because as per the research, Search engines SEO approach drives 93% more traffic to your website. So, strategize your marketing hacks to increase the visibility of your products.

#6 Use pay-per-click methodology to get more links

Pay-per-click is another alternative to bring visitors to your site. It is a paid approach which will increase the percentage of lead conversion rate. While using this strategy, you should search for the sponsored links of the search engine and bid for specific keywords which will attract more visitors.

I don’t think paying some amount of money and getting links is a wrong approach to convert more leads because any tactics which delivered more results than expected is a successful approach.

So, if you will use PPC marketing methodology, you can enhance the searches of your content or blog posts on the google results page. Therefore, to get quality leads and generate more revenue, start doing PPC.

In a Crux

If you can convert the visitor into your prospects, then the used marketing strategy can be said as an effective approach. To fulfill your business objectives, you first need to identify the user requirements and strategize your business activities accordingly.

Hopefully! All the strategies mentioned above will provide a robust infrastructure to amplify the marketing strategy, build an online presence in 2019 by engaging more visitors to your site.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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