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How to Earn Cryptocurrency?

Making money in the blockchain is not as easy as it seems. You can make money with trading and investing, but all these options require very thorough and detailed research. Substantial investments take a lot of time, and still, they don’t guarantee that there will be a reliable source of income.

Having an alternative source of income is very important for every person and especially for the investors. As investor always has a prolonged period of loss phase where he needs the income for other sources. Other than trading and investing, there are many methods through which you can increase your cryptocurrency holdings. These methods only require some effort to set up and little or no effort to maintain and gives you the income similar to earning interest.

Some of the most common and interesting methods to make cryptocurrency are mining, staking, and rewarding. With these, you can have several streams of income. These incomes, when combines with each other, results in a significant amount.

In this article, I will tell you the top 3 ways to make passive income with cryptocurrency.

How to earn passive income with crypto?


Mining is considered as the best way to earn bitcoins. Miners are required to perform very difficult mathematical algorithms if they want to have big block rewards. And this is done when cryptocurrency uses a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. All this profit margin depends completely on the current market price of a coin. From this current price, the cost of electricity and cooling required for mining rigs is eliminated.

Bitcoin was used to be so popular, but currently, it is not. It also has the ups and downs, and mining bitcoin is sometimes very profitable and sometimes not. But with other altcoins, users also have the opportunity of having some passive income. You can sign up for a cloud mining service with Mycointainer, or you can also build your own rig. They have all the stuff that you need to make a profit.


Masternodes is an amazing way to earn passive income, but it is not regarded much in the cryptocurrency space. It is also said that Masternodes is very similar to mining as they are responsible for doing block verification in Proof-of-Stake projects. Masternodes also require their users to dedicate their computers processing power to the network.

If individuals want to stake, they need a specific amount of native token by the masternodes. Let us take an example; a 1,000 DASH is required by the Dash masternode to be staked in its wallet. All the technical process is not covered here, and they need thorough research on the topic.

There are various factors on which masternode return-on-investment depends. There are also some scammers to enter the space, which are mainly caused by the recent increase in interest earned. If you can find the masternode project that has succeeded long term, then you are lucky as it could be the best investment you can make out there.


Ever heard of staking? Staking coins is one of the most famous methods of making crypto assets. Users stake their cryptos with Proof-of-Stake coins and, in return, get a reward. It is very easy, especially when considered to set up with the masternode. Staking is very much less involved in other things, unlike mining and masternodes. All you need to do is to store your coins in a designated wallet. You get more and more rewards as you keep on staking more coins.

Rewarding is also an amazing way to make passive income. You get rewards, and your currency keeps on increasing. There is no doubt that mining, staking, and rewarding are the best ways to make passive income in cryptocurrency space. It is up to you which method you choose, but we can say that all of them are fantastic and helps a lot in making passive income.

Earning hacks for cryptocurrency

These hacks may not work all the time, and the efficiency of these hacks varies from region to region. However, these are always safe to execute as long as you know the basic tricks. The following are some names that can help you earn, and to access them; you may need to download debestvpn 

  • Blockchain jobs are for those who want to perform and earn cryptocurrency. 
  • You can opt for online trading; it will also lead to earning cryptocurrency.  
  • Earning bitcoins through gaming. The most famous name in this regard is the game bitcoin aliens. 
  • Bonus bitcoin is an old bitcoin earning faucet. It works on the checked and managed algorithm, and that is the reason for its sustainability. 
  • Cointiply is also a reliable platform to earn bitcoin and get bonuses.

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