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How To Create and Curate Your Marketing Reports

Marketing reporting tools offer customers a wide variety of details about a company and its presence on the internet. With so many websites emerging daily, businesses are still behind in managing their online presence. Marketing reports of your data can help in rediscovering things that are being overlooked by these companies and then develop new strategies to use them.

How To Create and Curate Your Marketing Reports

What is a marketing reporting tool?

A marketing reporting tool helps you create and curate reports that show you how your marketing efforts are doing. Marketing reporting tools help companies collect, analyze, and share marketing data on a daily basis. Data reports can be created that can pinpoint occasions when customers have the highest engagement levels or show top converting emails by time of week. These reports are crucial to understanding how to conduct marketing campaigns most effectively, and can help compare market performance over time in different regions of the world.

What’s important to include in your report?

To put your report together, you will need to identify the metrics you want to use. You should start by looking at your past reports and where they are failing to perform. If a metric is not performing well, then consider removing it and changing some of the metrics that are having a low return rate. Make sure to analyze what’s working and what isn’t.

How can you create and track your report with Marketing Automation?

The technology that lets us automatically track our marketing reports has become considerably less expensive and more accessible. This newfound availability can be great for companies that want to create and track their digital campaigns, automatically tracking which content is successful, what happens after a sale, or which ones should be abandoned in favor of new endeavors. It can also help to exclude information you don’t need to focus on and make sure it doesn’t push out the success of your reports. Get these report options from inbound marketing automation platforms like Agency Dashboard.


In order to use marketing reports, you first need to find the right piece of information. There are several methods for finding this information, such as using Google, scouring through an old report, or requesting it from your contact.

With the help of this ready-to-use template, you can pay close attention to customers who are looking for your services and create reports which will help you attain more leads. It is also a good way to keep track of how many leads your company has received. All you have to do is combine the report with accurate information about what is happening in your business so that you know exactly when and why it’s worth using these marketing tools.

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