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How To Choose The Best Laptop For Your Needs?

You are in need of a laptop and about to buy one, but you do not know how to choose the best laptop that suits your needs?

Don’t worry!

We’re here to help you. This post includes all the detailed information that you need, so read it till the end. Are you ready? Let’s go.

How To Choose The Best Laptop

Types of Laptops

Basic Laptops

Basic laptops are not the type of laptop that has special features or superior functions. They are not ultrathin, do not have any specific features for gaming or graphics, even cannot be converted into a tablet.

However, they are entirely not useless laptops. A basic is a good idea for students who are on a tight budget and do not want to spend much money on a laptop. For them, a laptop is something to help them in learning.


2-in-1s are versatile to meet users’ needs. As its name implies, a 2-in-1 can be both a tablet and a laptop.

There are two types of 2-in-1 laptops: detachable and convertible. For detachable 2-in-1s, you can completely detach their screens from the keyboards. In contrast, you can rotate the keyboard of a convertible 2-in-1 towards the back of its screen; then, you have a tablet.

2-in-1 is an excellent choice for someone who wants to have a tablet to watch films on the bed and a laptop to work on the table.


Ultrabooks are pretty slim, lightweight, but powerful. Therefore, they are suitable for users wanting a portable and high-performance laptop.

Because of being light, ultrabooks don’t include a low-power processor and DVD drive. Though they can still handle lots of work for you.

Gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are specifically designed for playing games. Compared to other kinds of laptops, they have superior features such as high-resolution screens, bigger battery, more powerful processor, and so on.

If you only play games for fun, buying a gaming laptop is not necessary.

Business laptops

Are you a businessman?

If yes, you will need a computer that has both portability and high performance. Most business laptops have touch screens working well with photos and videos, which helps you have a good presentation.

You have to handle your work urgently on the road, so a business laptop is for you.

Operating Systems


Do you know that the most popular operating system for computers is Microsoft Windows?

The reason for its popularity is not because it’s the best, but Microsoft licenses to other companies to make their computers. One more thing, compared to other operating systems, its user interface is supposed to be easy to use.

Besides, Microsoft Windows is more and more secure, thanks to regular updates.


MACOS is also pretty popular but only used for Apple devices.

For beginners, MACOS is more friendly than Windows. Moreover, it can work in tandem with other Apple devices, such as iPhone and Ipad. For instance, the version “mac OS Catalina” can turn your Ipad into its second or third screen.

However, you should consider carefully because MACOS has fewer available games than Windows and doesn’t have touchscreens.


Chrome OS may be the most comfortable operating system to use for everyone, but some features require the internet connection to work.

Thanks to security and stability improvements together with additional features, it is gradually getting more convenient to bring better and better user experience.

Specifications of Laptops


CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of a computer. The more cores the processor has, the more tasks it handles. That means a computer will work better with a CPU having more cores. For example, if your CPU has four cores, it can process four tasks at the same time.

If you need a laptop for gaming, design, graphics, or IT, choose one with many cores.


RAM – Random Access Memory – determines the capacity of the computer to store files that people can use immediately. RAM will store opened apps on your computer. Then, you can quickly access them if necessary.

For RAM, the more, the better, of course. But this also has downsides: faster RAM has a high price and negatively influences battery life. 8GB RAM is the most affordable level for everyone. You will need more RAM in case you have to handle intense work.

Laptops Design

Computer screens

Screen size and resolution are two crucial factors of the screen.

Screen size ranges from 11 to 17 inches, and the sweet spot is 13 inches, which has pretty good quality and affordable prices for everyone.

Screen resolution is also various, but around 1920×1080 resolution is most used. The higher resolution makes images clearer and brighter.


Nearly all the laptops have a camera used for video chat. Depending on the different models, the position of the camera varies. Most laptops have a webcam above their screens. Meanwhile, some have it below the screen.


Most computer accessories are connected through USB. Therefore, each laptop is designed with at least one or even two  USB ports. You will need an adapter if you have the intention of using a second monitor or connecting a laptop to your TV.

Other Factors


Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours), but battery life depends on several factors such as screen resolution, what you use your laptop for, and battery usage habits.


The weight of a laptop ranges from 4 to 10 pounds. For example, a 13-inch laptop is about 1.5 – 2.5 pounds in weight, and a 15-inch one may weigh about 2.5 or even 6 pounds for gaming laptops.

Some Useful Tips When Selecting A Laptop

  • 5 to 14-inch laptops best suit you if you want your computer to be easily portable. Its medium size doesn’t require too much space in your luggage when traveling.
  • If you are about to spend $600 on a laptop, remember that these specifications are the best choice: Core i5 CPU, 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, and RAM 8GB.
  • If you are wondering between a laptop and a tablet, choose a 2-in-1 laptop.

To Sum Up

So we have shared with you several instructions on how to choose the best laptop for your needs. Spending money on such an important thing like a laptop should be considered carefully. You can visit the Thinkgeeks’ list to see which laptop best suits you. We hope you will make the right decision. Good luck!

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