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How To Choose The Best Drone For Kids

Drones are becoming the in thing in our lives. The most popular gifts of the year 2016 were drones. It is very likely that this trend will continue.There are new drones in the market that are very affordable. However, the question on many parents mind is; are these drones safe for kids?

How To Choose The Best Drone For Kids

Yes, drones are very safe, but there are a few issues to consider.

Below are some tips that will help you choose the best drone for your kids.

Legal Age to Fly Drones

The minimum age for flying drones is different depending on the manufacturer. Most of the manufacturers have set the age at 8 years.However, children have different capabilities, and are able to grasp things at different rates. The slow kids should not use drones until they are ten. If your kid is smart and is familiar with drones and robots, he or she can start flying the drones earlier.There are many drones to choose from, depending on your child’s abilities. some of the best drones for kids are big and fast with powerful motors. The advanced drones have a mount and camera.For the kids over twelve years, a drone that has a camera is suitable. These drones have better specifications and more features. You should try flying the drone before you give your child. Read the instructions on the manual with your child.

Speed and Size of Drone

The major causes of drone accidents are speed and size. Therefore, for the young kids give them small drones that are plastic, lightweight, and durable.

Whereas the big drones may cause a lot of damage, the small ones are quite safe.

Speed is also a major determinant of drone safety. For your child choose one that does not move very fast. The speed of the drone depends on the propellers rotations. The slower the drone the safer it is.

Flying Environment

The area where your child will be flying the drone is very important. There are drones for outdoors and indoors activities, but most of the drones can fly in both areas.

An indoor drone responds well to commands and hovers around stably. The outdoor drones have a powerful motor and can easily resist the wind. If you choose the indoor drone, remove all objects that can break so that the kid is able to have fun.


Another factor is how durable the drone is. Make sure it can resist most of the crashes. If it is made of weak material, it will bend and snap easily.

In fact, ABS plastic makes most of the kids’ drones. This hardened plastic does not bend easily, an advantage because kids are careless.

In the event there is a crash, the plastic drone will not cause real damage. Another advantage is that they are easy to maneuver because of their lightweight.

Drones Do not Cause Harm

When you fly your drone by the manual, it is such a great tool for the entire family to have fun. Just ensure that it fits the skills your child possess.

Acquire a camera drone to record the good moments of life. Fly it around the neighborhood and take as many photographs. Ensure your child does not fly the drone alone.

It is no secret that many kids are excited about drones. They would do anything to acquire and fly one. With time and through practice your child will learn to fly a drone and become enthusiastic about it. Ensure you get one for your kids so that they are not left out.

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