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How to Choose Necklaces for your Girlfriend

You do love and care for your girlfriend, right? And you probably want to get her something she will cherish. Well, you believe she deserves the best things in the world. The only problem for you here could be knowing what the best things in the world for her look like. So, if the best things in the world for her involve necklaces, then you are in the right place. But, how do you go about choosing a necklace she will like for her birthday or for your anniversary? Well, here is where your hands get dirty a little. A visit to icecarats.com could be a great start. But, how do you go about choosing a necklace for her? Below are a few tips.

Find Out What She Already Has

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The easiest clue for you is to look at what she already has. If you are the observant type, you must know a thing or two about the necklaces she prefers. If not, start paying attention. Go through recent photos, and look at the necklaces she wears often. You have to start appreciating her taste and know what she considers her favourite. The easiest way to do this would be to compliment her jewellery. Start the conversation and get her to talk about her preferences.

What is Her Preferred Length?

Your girlfriend probably prefers her necklaces to be a certain length. Remember, her necklaces will complement her hairstyle, her clothing, and probably her entire look. Do not assume that her choices are random. Got out of your way to find out certain specific pieces of information. Take note of what she has right now. Does the end of the necklace chain rest further down her neck or closer to her neck? Are her necklaces long and tend to rest near or between the chest area? Do some digging, and you will find what she prefers.

What Style Does She Prefer?

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Everyone has their preferred style. Some women will prefer gold chains, others will prefer silver. If, for example, your girl prefers platinum necklaces, then go out of your way to get her one. You want her to feel special, right? Then go out of your way. Be uncomfortable a little. Style is personal, and you will need to know what hers is. Observe the arrangement of stones, the shape, as well as style. Keep in mind that her style is unique and different. So, you will notice a pattern.

Match Her Outfits

Do not just get her a gift. Put some thought into it while at it. Get her something that matches her outfits. This calls for some time in observing how she wears her necklaces. While giving her the necklace, try and even suggest an outfit it would match with. Let her know that you have been thinking about her.

What Size Matters to Her?

There are different sizes of necklaces. You will find small and large necklaces. What size does she like? If she is reserved, she probably likes understated jewellery. If she likes to showcase her style and taste, then she likes jewellery that is loud. Your decision here will depend solely on what you observe, and her personality.

Does She Want Handmade or Commercial Necklaces?

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People are different. Some will be comfortable wearing commercial necklaces and be okay. Others, however, want to own unique things. So, they will go for handmade necklaces. To know what your girlfriend prefers, start the conversation. Ask her leading questions, and take note of what she owns. You will not go wrong if you do your research well.

Paying attention to what your girlfriend likes is the first step to knowing what to get her. Take your time to learn, study, and observe what she likes. You will know what to get her.

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