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How To Check My Wifi Speed?

Are you having problems related to your WiFi speed? You have probably run many tests to find what your WiFi speed is. In order to understand the WiFi speed problems lets first try and understand some basics.

How To Check My Wifi Speed

Internet speed is measured by how much data your internet connection can transfer per second. It is measured in Mbps, which is megabits of data per second (Mbps). In other words, the internet speed that you see in Mbps is the rate at which an internet provider delivers internet data to and from your home or office.

When the data flow you can download and upload information from the internet, thus each internet connection will have a download and upload speed.

 Let’s understand what is Upload and Download speed next.

What’s an Upload and Download speed?  And what are its influencing factors.

Uploading and downloading refers mostly to transferring data over the internet. So when you say login to a web page on your computer to check email using WiFi, you are downloading a web page and then viewing the email. That is to say that you are pulling or Downloading that email into your computer. Let’s say you reply to the email and click the send button, you uploaded the data and sent it. So that was simple. Now we can understand what happens behind the scenes and what affects this upload and download speed.

We strive to achieve bigger Mbps. This is because the speed of your internet connection is measured in Mbps. For eg: 1,000 Mbps is equal to one Gigabit or Gbps per second. Faster transmission of packets from the web to your Phone or Computer the bigger is the Mbps. In order to achieve bigger and better Mbps, you must choose your ISP and internet package depending on what you use internet for.  When you take an internet subscription from a provider, the bandwidth that you get from them gets divided or shared by all the devices in your work or home. So when you add more cell phones using WiFi and computers, it further reduces the bandwidth. Thus bandwidth of your internet connection depends on what you use it for more Also it depends on the quality of the ISP infrastructure.

But what really determines WiFi connection is a connection between your router and computer/phone. However, there are many factors that can affect the wireless network connection speed between your router and computer/phone such as Wireless adapter, how good its processor and antenna are and routers compatibility or adapter driver. WiFi connection speed of your phone or computer is not the same as the Internet speed from your service provider.

What is a good WiFi speed?

What do you consider to be a good WiFi speed? A great speed could be 10 Gbps. Now that’s a really good high speed WiFi.  To obtain a reasonably good speed and to Maximize the WiFi speed you will need a good wireless router. Alternatively, you also have the option to change your computer’s adapter.  But wait don’t do that yet. Check out some solutions NetSpot has for you coming next!

How can I check my WiFi speed?

Speed fluctuates depending on the day and time. You have always wondered how to check WiFi speed. We all have since the speeds being advertised by the ISP are far different from the actual speed we get. So why should we subscribe to a100 Mbps WiFi when they deliver only a fraction of that? There are many free options available today to check your WiFi speed. Wi-Fi Status window shows up on your computer’s wireless connection details. Usually, your internet providers these days also give you a link to check the WiFi speed, but these don’t give you an accurate picture nor do they give you troubleshooting tips on how to maximize the WiFi speed.

Don’t fret we now haveNetSpotapp!

NetSpot is one of the best apps we have available today in the market to test the WiFi speed. It provides accurate speed information. So before you order a new router check out a one stop shop solution for all your WiFi speed related issues.

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