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How to Buy a VPS with Bitcoin?

Buying and setting up a VPS host is already rather convoluted and complicated for the average user already. This is one of the reasons behind the fact that one of the key determining factors behind the quality of a VPS provider is their customer and tech support. However, things can get even more complicated when we add cryptocurrencies to the mix. Cryptos are already a rather poorly understood concept by the majority of the population. Even in demographics where VPS usage is higher, and you would naturally think of users as more crypto-aware, there are still many cases of doubt and lack of knowledge lingering.

How to Buy a VPS with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies and VPS are two technologies that essentially go hand in hand. With VPS, you can get access to many computers and IP ranges remotely, and with crypto, you can pay for this globalized tech from anywhere and at any time without reliance on conventional payment means and banks. Let’s say you have decided to buy a VPS service using Bitcoin. What provider should you choose and how? And what are the main advantages of paying with cryptocurrencies? Let’s find out.

1. What are the Main Properties of a Legitimate VPS Provider


First things first, we have security. A VPS service can be used for a lot of services that would contain sensitive information about your business and personal financial operations. A potential compromise in your security could be catastrophic. The good news is that the majority of providers that already have crypto as a payment method likely also share this concern since crypto is by far the safest payment method in the world.

Location Diversity

The number of locations a VPS provider supports has a direct correlation to its overall reputation and quality. Maintaining VM operations gets harder and harder as you add more and more servers around the world. A VPS provider that has gone to great lengths to provide a good roster of available locations is legitimate and trustworthy. Generally, you should look for 10+ locations.


As we said, there are a lot of mishaps that can happen while you work your way around a VPS host. You could face troubles when setting it up, when connecting to it and even when you are already logged into your virtual server. Add intricate crypto payment to this, and naturally, the average user would need reliable, 24/7 customer and tech support.

Crypto Options

In general, a provider with crypto payment options is already good enough to be considered a legitimate VPS option. However, this is further enhanced by the number of cryptocurrencies that they support. Having additional crypto options like Monero is great since they allow the customers to remain fully anonymous.

2. Best VPS Providers Who Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Now we know the primary hallmarks of what makes a VPS provider legitimate and reliable. Let’s quickly go over three of the best VPS provider options out there. Let’s get to it!


Cloudzy, known formerly as RouterHosting, is one of the earliest adopters of crypto payment options in the VPS world. Cloudzy offers several different VPS services tailored to people who want to pay with crypto. These include their Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, BNB, and Monero VPS packages. As far as the quality, they check all the boxes: they have anti-DDoS servers for security, excellent connection latency, 15 locations, viable 24/7 customer support that’s always there for you, and diverse crypto payment options. Safe to say that Cloudzy is the best option for a crypto VPS, and you can buy your VPS with Bitcoin from them.


Suppose there was one option that we just had to mention in this list as the runner-up. It would have to be CoinHost. As the name probably has already implied, CoinHost is a VPS provider that exclusively focuses on providing crypto VPS services. Unlike other options on this list, this is all they do, which is a sound niche market to go for. They offer their Cloud and VPS services in exchange for nearly every popular crypto option out there. As of now, they only offer servers in Switzerland, but the free DDoS protection and amazing customer support make up for this!

Evolution Host

Evolution Host is not particularly world-class at any special niche service. However, they are still a jack of all trades when it comes to VPS options that you can get using cryptocurrencies. While the initial prospect of only being able to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin is not that great, this is quickly overwritten by their incredible location diversity of more than 20 countries. They also have a dedicated package for nearly everything, from gaming to coding, forex, and much more. Their support is also on point, and their prices are also rather low as well. A good deal by any metric.

3. Should I buy a VPS with Bitcoin?

This largely comes down to your own personal preference and situation. The key advantage of paying with crypto is that you can get a VPS service from any location in the world and circumvent the banks and conventional payment methods. In the process, you will potentially pay less in transaction fees as well. The security of the transaction itself is also flawless. The downside of crypto payment is the fact that it is unregulated, and if you get scammed by an illegitimate VPS provider, then it is next to impossible to return the money. However, this hardly matters if you follow this guide and use a legitimate option!


Without a doubt, VPS and cryptocurrencies are a match made in heaven. If you know your way around these two technologies, you can use them together to launch your own online, globalized business. There are, of course, certain cautionary steps to be taken on your part, but if you manage to find a reliable VPS provider, you’ll easily get the hang of setting up and using a crypto VPS!


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