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How To Boost Your Jewellery Business?

We see a lot of jewellery businesses cropping up everywhere these days, whether it is fine jewellery or fast fashion jewellery. For a business to go well in its infant period, one needs to draw up some strategy and work accordingly. Even with that, if you feel like your business needs a boost, we have some tips for you to follow. Boost in your business means a boost in your sale. But in the case of the jewellery industry, mostly the designers end up selling them, so they end up focusing more on designing and forgetting about the sales part. Keeping the sales momentum in your business is essential to keep it alive.

Boost Your Jewellery Business

In the case of fine jewellery businesses, bringing in products designed according to the latest fashion trends might work. Classics like gold pendants with alphabet designs as well as gold bracelet designs move fast since India’s craze for solid gold is unparalleled. You can also design them in 18K and 14K gold to make them look trendier and cheaper than 22K alternatives to boost your sales.

Take time out of your everyday work to work on sales. Call people up and book appointments to meet them. Pitch your products attractively. You can take the help of technology and make presentations or videos for your pitch to look fruitful.

Make a personal connection with your customers for them to become repeating customers in the future. One way to establish that is by offering to make customised pieces for them depending on their need. Get reviews from the customers and post them on your website or your social media page. This will let new prospective customers trust your business. Most people are suspicious of online businesses and reviews on your page will let them know that your business is authentic and your products are good.

Create good social media platforms for your business. Social media plays a great role these days in digital marketing and it reaches more people than ever these days. For example, using hashtags to market your products on Instagram to increase your followers and generate leads for your website. Attend a class or read up on digital marketing to know its nuances and create attractive and content-rich media platforms to advertise your products. Contact a digital solutions provider and have them run advertisement campaigns for you online. This will get you some much-needed visibility for your business.

Start social media contests and giveaways at least once in a season to encourage customer activity in your social media account. Like fabric brands, give seasonal discounts on your products and advertise it properly to get good customer traffic on your webpage. Design jewels that go along with the fashion trend at the moment. You can also suggest clothing choices for your jewellery in your product catalogue with pictures. Make sure the pictures speak to your customer and showcase your products attractively.

Lastly, every business is built upon trust. Engage in trust-building with your customers and use their trust as a pitch for your products. Sales is an integral part of any business. You may fear it, but there is no denying you have to do it. Once you start marketing, keep the momentum going and look for expanding across different platforms. Like Ironman says, “Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk”.

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John Paul
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