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How To Become A Better Essay Writer

This question worries all students without exception. Once a week or more, each of them has to write another essay. This article is dedicated to those who would like to improve their essay writing skills, thereby improving the marks.

Writing an essay is not that complicated provided that you realize how to do it. Even if you are good at this task, there is no limit to perfection. According to writers at essay writing solutions, becoming a more professional writer, you will spend less your invaluable time on it each time, and get more pure pleasure. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than the feeling that you have done your job qualitatively. Whether you would like to re-read your own essays with pride and full satisfaction, keep reading, as these pieces of advice deserve your attention.

How To Become A Better Essay Writer
Pen and Pile of books for Study and Research

Criterions of a good essay writer

You need to realize who is a good writer and what skills he has to have. We are confident that this art can be easily learned, provided diligent work and perseverance. Even if you are not a born writer, there are the main points, paying attention to which you will be able to achieve good results. If you already have these vital skills, then think about how you are able to develop and multiply them in yourself.


Everything is simple – how can you talk about something that you have no idea? Before you start any work, you should have knowledge ofthe subject itself. Or be aware of where it can be found. New technologies are now developing by leaps and bounds; the Middle Ages are far in the past. It is no longer necessary to spend days in libraries searching for important books or articles. If you assign a task to search engines correctly, you will be given a lot of information. We advise you to acquire several proven sources. In order not to search for them yourself, you can address this question to your teacher, and he will share a list of useful websites with pleasure.


It is not enough to gather information and analyze it. You will have to convey everything in your own words. Having formulated your thoughts, you need to get them across to the readers through the text. Even the most exciting and extraordinary ideas and conclusions in the essay are worthless if they are written with errors. That is why do not be lazy to check out your text even several times in order to correct all the grammatical and spelling errors. Before you give the essay to the teacher, ensure that your work has a clear structure and you have used the relevant vocabulary.


Do not be afraid when writing the next essay to approach the issue from an unusual viewpoint, to consider it from a different angle. Expanding on a topic, try to avoid clichés and platitudes. Turn on the imagination and use the expressive means of the language. Replace the words with more sonorous and less used synonyms. Transform every sentence, while leaving the simplicity and readability. You do nothave to present the novelty of the research, but you can submit your thoughts under a new guise.

How to improve your writing skills?

Nothing good and useful come easy. It is always necessary to make efforts and constantly develop, in order to master your essay. Standing still you can squander even the amount of natural talent that you got from birth. What peculiar steps have to be taken to develop in the sphere of writing essays:


When we want to acquire a new skill or bring an existing one to a new level, we look at professionals and what they do in the workingprocess. You should follow this rule as well. There is no need to stare at the writer while writing an essay; you can talk to him, ask for advice or just read a lot of ready-made works. It happens that a person does something himself without understanding how. But you can work with the result and find a lot of things that will help you. Pay attention to the text in general and the details. Write out unusual moments and observations in your notebook and try to apply them.

Read additional literature as well. Study literary criticism and try to come to your conclusions on this basis. Do a psychological analysis of the text. Every detail can bring you closer to some kind of insight that will change your writing style.

Develop multifacetedly. It must be not a secret that a person who has a lot of knowledge in absolutely different and seemingly unrelated spheres can explain and tell about the same thing from different sides. The writer should not be a narrowly-focused specialist. He should be a little knowledgeable in all subjects. This will make it possible to approach the topic thoroughly and reveal it more qualitatively.


Whether you want to learn to swim – you swim, if you’re going to learn to write – start writing. A lot and very often. Using each time a new approach and paying attention to different nuances. It would be nice if you had the possibility to show your work to a senior friend, an experienced writer who could show your mistakes and suggest how they can be corrected. This way you will be able to follow your progress and see the progress. Take part in competitions, start a blog or a diary. No matter how and where you write, practice every day, and you will feel more confident with every word.

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