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How to Be a Good Father and a Good Husband?

The family will be truly happy when it is built with love and responsibility of both husband and wife. Nowadays, women have kept certain positions in society. Apart from taking care of family and children, they can make more money and take part in a lot of social activities. However, no matter how society change, it is undeniable that husband still plays an important role in building a happy family.

Husband’s roles in a family

A good husband is someone who demonstrates the advantages in many aspects such as having a good job, treating his wife and children well, etc., or even expressing a strong spirit in couple relations. Due to many pressures in your life, you can easily encounter physiological problems. You can refer to cach chong xuat tinh som to free consultation.

In our society, the husbands are often regarded as the pillars who are the main labor to earn money for their family. Meanwhile, women are in charge of housework and taking care of family members. This unintentionally makes father’s roles become less important, even overshadowed in the thought, formation and development of a child’s personality.

However, along with the development and integration of modern life, the important roles of father have been recognized and consolidated. According to a lot of surveys and studies, the role of men in a family is clarified.

The man plays an important role in building a happy familyThe man plays an important role in building a happy family

Studies about the trends in family life all over the world of The Social Trends Institutes, America showed that in most of the surveyed countries, the proportion of men willing to share housework with their wife increased. Many people believe that, if entering into a marriage, men will not hesitate to help their wife with family affairs. This is really a remarkable result, especially for developing countries as in Asia, where the roles of men and women have been “molded” in inequality.

What should a man do to be a good husband?

Respect your wife

In fact, respect is the behavior of understanding. You need to be aware that your wife is an independent person. She does not want to do exactly what you do, even if your hobbies are similar. To express the respect to your wife, you should keep promise and be on time. If you say you will go somewhere at a specific time such as picking up your child at kindergarten, you must be on time. Your wife’s time is as precious as yours. Please respect that.

Besides, do not assume that your wife will do something because that is a woman’s duty. Instead, establish a good communication relationship between two of you. You need to learn how to ask for help. Moreover, knowing how to listen your wife is an important thing to build a good relationship. Do not just pretend to listen. Sometimes, the only thing we want is just a good listener and a shoulder to lean on to feel safe and relaxed.

Respect your wife is one of the behavior of understandingRespect your wife is one of the behavior of understanding

Find small ways to help your wife feel that she is important

You should ask yourself, what should you do to make your wife feel happier? You do not need to do anything big. All relationships are nourished from small things. It is the sincere thought and feeling that are the true gifts. You should take time to develop good relationship with your wife’s family. She will feel very grateful when you get on well with her parents.

Does your wife care about charity activity? You can use her name to donate some money to charity fund or organization as a gift for her. She will become a proud benefactor who can provide opportunities for other unfortunate people.

Be a romantic man

Maybe this is not the first thing you think every morning, but romance is essential for a healthy marriage. Do not assume that because you are married, you do not need to be romantic with your wife. This can lead to other mistakes in a happy marriage. You should set up a date of two people in the evening once a month.

Some couples may manage to date once a week, but once a month is enough. Plan to recall the dates that you spent time together in the past, discuss about a date that can make your hearts sobbing again. Let’s try to name a few activities which are precious memories of you and your wife such as: parachuting, snorkeling, watching corals or watching a movie, and so on.

Sometimes, a date in the evening is a way to warm up your love
Sometimes, a date in the evening is a way to warm up your love

In addition, do not forget to celebrate your wedding day. This is really important to warm up your love because it is a special occasion. At least, have a romantic dinner together with a bottle of chilled wine.

Show your personality

Marriage is a long-term opportunity to better understand a person over the year. If you try to keep a certain aspect of your privacy or restrain it, you will not get all you want in a marriage. On the other hand, if you show a lot about yourself, you can get more than you expect. You should spend more time each day talking to your woman, sharing your concerns, interests and work, bringing her to some place which has special meaning for you two.

Let’s spend time sharing your feelings with your wife Let’s spend time sharing your feelings with your wife via rocket 1h gia

Let’s encourage her to learn about your relatives, share all of the fears, doubts and vulnerable issues. Be yourself, do not try to become the husband that you think she wants.

How to be a good father of your children

Take time for your children

Your children do not care how you get promoted at work, or how you own a high-class house. They only care whether their father will be at home on time for dinner or take them to the baseball match on Sundays. If you want to be a good father, take time each day for your children. Spend extra time on your kids in your schedule. If you are so tired that you can not have free time to play basketball with your son or daughter, try to do other activities such as watching a ball game together.

Let’s spend time for your children and teach them valuable lessons
Let’s spend time for your children and teach them valuable lessons

Although the “fatherhood” you spend each week is a great way to strengthen your father and children’s love, you should also try to be with your kids at important occasions of their life. Arrange to spend time with your child on the first day of school, take part in his/ her first sporting event or attend your child’s high school graduation ceremony.

Sometimes, you are so busy with work that you can not attend some important events of your kids. If you miss those occasions, you will definitely have to regret it later.

Teach your children necessary lessons

You should be a father who are willing to teach children basic life skills. Let’s help them take a bath, teach them how to brush their teeth in right way, ride a bike or how to work hard in a hurry. If you have sons, teach them how to shave and maintain the best body hygiene. Actually, your children need to learn many valuable lessons as well as each little lesson everyday.

Besides, help your children understand their mistakes. If they do something wrong, you should explain the reason and help them understand the way to avoid repeating it in the future instead of punishing. You must make sure that both you and your wife agree on the way of teaching the children. This means that whether you or your wife is the witness of your kids’ behaviors, the punishment method is the same.

In fact, to be a good husband and a good father is not easy. As long as you have sincere love with your wife and children, you can do everything for your family happiness.

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