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How to Avoid Mistakes in Implementing Link-Building Strategies

As an entrepreneur interested in implementing SEO, you are likely to entrust the job to a professional company because they are experts in the field. Despite having all the reasons to rely on their expertise to strengthen your digital marketing efforts, you must have some basic knowledge about SEO so that you can assess if they are progressing on the right path.  While relying on their professional expertise, you must be able to judge whether the strategies they adopt are beneficial for you. Having the right link building strategy and implementing it correctly is critical for SEO success. However, the apparently easy to do link building may not give the right results if not done correctly. In this article, we have discussed some link building strategies that are prone to the wrong implementation and suggested ways of avoiding mistakes.

You must have a link-building plan

It is true that high-quality content attracts viewers who feel interested to link to your website and offers links. However, this does not mean that you keep producing content at random and automatically links keep on coming.  You must have a link-building plan and then build content around it because then only people would get attracted to the content as you have built it for the specific audience with a specific purpose. It would be wrong to think that people will link to your content automatically. Be clear about the anchor texts that you want to acquire and its numbers so that you can maintain a natural link profile.  Fewer quality links give better SEO results.

Link-Building Strategies

Avoid making the home page the power center of SEO

Although the homepage is central to any website and attracts much attention, directing all links and packing the top keyword phrases in the homepage is a mistake that you must avoid. We all know what a disaster it can be if all the blood gushes to the head. Follow the strategy of spreading the top keyword phrases across several pages of the website by placing it strategically inside the content.  It begins by creating content for different pages of the website to target the phrases and then acquiring backlinks for those pages. Effectively, your website is better explored by viewers as the backlinks take them to different pages and not only the home page.

Minimize the use of keyword anchor text on the home page

When you are building internal links on the home page, do not use too many keyword phrases as anchor text.  Studies have revealed that if you use more than 3 percent of links as exact match anchor text, you are doing unnecessary work. You must use the home page for brand building and building trust with search engines. Therefore, make sure that the anchors from which the links to the home page originate relate to the brand or the site URL.  The same principle applies when linking other pages. For giving a natural look to the link profile, it must be a mixture of anchor texts without any keyword phrases, some related to the brand and some others related to the URL.  This would encourage other websites to link to you naturally.

Create pages with high-quality content

If you want to earn lots of links to a page, then the primary requirement is to create top quality content that would attract people.  If the content is not good and yet you earn links, it would indicate that there is something unnatural in the link building process.  Shorter contents are likely to be shallow and too many links earned would apparently appear disproportionate and make Google suspicious about it. If you create long from the content of 3000 plus words earning many links is quite natural as the content is likely to be more in-depth that people feel valuable and get eager to link with it.

Build sufficient number of no-follow links

Having enough no-follow links must be included in your link building strategy.  The purpose of the no-follow link is to tell Google not to consider the link for its search algorithm because it is an advertisement. It is natural for business websites to include ads and thus have no-follow links. The absence of no-follow links would convey the wrong message to Google that would not consider the site as a real business website. Top ranking sites have almost 30 percent no-follow links.

Build relationships for wider outreach

Writing guest posts is an easy way to increase your outreach and earn more links. However, most people fail to get their blogs published on other websites because either the quality of content is not satisfactory or they have not been able to establish a relationship with the targeted website owners who would be interested in publishing the blogs.

Proper implementation of the link building strategies assures improved rankings in search results that would surprise you.

About the author: Howard Giles is an entrepreneur and SEO lover who was an adviser to Best Source Marketing – Edmonton site. His blogs on SEO are quite popular, andhe loves to interact with people on the subject. He is active in the social media and ready to help marketers.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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