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How The Internet Of Things Is Changing The Hospitality Industry

We now live in a digital world. As everyone says, the Internet is now a necessity.

Almost everything can be connected via the Internet: coffee makers, washing machines, lamps, fitness devices–you name it.

This is what experts call the “Internet of Things” or IoT.

An article in Forbes quoted analytics firm Gartner, saying that there will be over 26 billion connected devices in 2020. That’s just a little over two years from today.

Internet Of Things Is Changing The Hospitality Industry

Not too long from now, the IoT will connect people to people, people to things, and also things to things. Yes, this is already happening today but, in a few years, smart machines and other everyday technologies will become a part of our everyday lives, even more so than today.

Disruption is already taking place in the hospitality industry, where fewer workers are needed since today’s machines are so powerful. For business owners everywhere this means fewer employees, less expenses, and greater productivity and profit.

Here are some ways the IoT was able to transform hospitality.

Washing machines

Today’s smart machines are so smart, they barely even need people to operate them.

Take Continental Girbau’s commercial washing machines, for example, where you can put everything on autopilot, including how much water to put, what detergent to add, the ideal temperature to set, and so much more.

It’s almost like having an additional employee, minus the monthly salaries and occasional sick leaves.

Popular though they are, smart machines are not easy to find. You may not have much luck looking in local department stores, but you can order, say, a coin operated washer straight from companies like

With more complex technologies comes a renewed appreciation for good customer care and industry-leading warranties. Before you decide to invest in some new washers and dryers, make sure to look behind the company behind the product.


A room can now be lit in more than one shade. There are now smart bulbs that can change to any color of your choice. In fact, you can even match your room’s color tone to a photo you upload through an application.

Modern bulbs can also be operated via smartphone, allowing users to light a room according to a schedule, synchronize music with ambient light, and so much more.

Imagine the possibilities and applications for hotels, homestays, and other similar places!

Recycling system

The Internet of Things is not limited to the handy gadgets we are used to. It can even process a waste management system.

Imagine having real-time data of your waste, trackable via cloud. No need to follow up with garbage collectors and cleaning companies. That completely takes away the need to take out the trash.

Completely a thing of the future, right? Wrong.

As we said earlier, we’re far closer than most people believe.

Technology is designed to help people with their everyday lives, which is why the Internet of Things is taking over. As people in hospitality, where modern is usually good, it is up to us to adapt to new technologies and learn how to integrate them to our ease our lives.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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