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How Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Technology has transformed the world around us. Entire industries have been disrupted and reconstructed due to technological advancements.

These technological developments aren’t just changing our daily lives, though; new technologies are also changing the online gaming industry and the way we gamble online.

From bookies to casinos to smartphone apps, each new wave of technology brings with it more updates and more changes to the gaming industry,

But what do these changes and developments actually mean for gamers?

What are the biggest improvements?

Thanks to advances in technology, the gaming industry has seen major improvements in the following areas:

  • Operational and system management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Cyber safety and security
  • The gaming experience itself

System management  

Artificial intelligence has played a major role in streamlining the way gaming systems operate.

The development of chatbots has vastly improved system management for online users. Chatbots can help signal if there is a recurring problem with a gaming site. This can speed up the fixing of any system errors, helping users get back to having fun as promptly as possible!

Likewise, a large number of big casinos have started to use AI powered slot machines. This facilitates fairer gaming and limits any opportunities to cheat. 

Technology Is Changing Our Lives1

Marketing strategy 

A lot of data is harnessed in the gaming industry. This data is exactly the kind of numbers and figures that fuel machine learning algorithms.

From these algorithms, marketers can better understand the behaviours, needs and desires of users. This allows them to adapt their content on an individual level, thus personalising ads and offers in real-time to appeal to all players.

Such mechanisms improve the user experience by only showing ads which appeal or apply to users. Secondly, this has and will continue to boost economic activity. 

Cyber safety  

Data isn’t just about delivering the right ads to the right people, though. As already touched on, being able to monitor online user behaviour can help us to detect cheaters more easily.

This, in the long run, levels out the playing field by using AI to flag any potential fraudulent activity. This can then either trigger human intervention or block dangerous accounts.

The ultimate gaming experience 

Gamers themselves have benefited from updated gaming technology. Improved websites, media and digital software make for a more fascinating and engaging experience for participants. VR, mobile gaming apps and many other technological feats have provided gamers with an unlimited pool of games to dip in and out of for their pleasure! 

Are there any negatives?

Too much information  

For some, having access to so many gaming options could be harmful. Gambling can be addictive. Skeptics have pointed out that there could be a hidden agenda behind exploiting user behaviour via data-driven algorithms. Their data could, for instance, be used to create even more addictive user experiences.

On the contrary, technology has been used to develop AI which aims to combat such harmful, addictive behaviours. Two such platforms include: Optima Gaming and BetBuddy, both which analyse troubling behavioural patterns among gamers, balancing out any immoral exploitation and identifying any potential threats before they become a real risk.

In this way, such disruptive technologies have actually reduced the risk of gambling addictions.

Will the odds be ever in your favour?  

As every gamer knows, the odds are not always in your favour. With AI now added to the mix, could this be more true than ever?

Some data-driven bots have been engineered to figure out when the right time is to either raise your bet or pull out. How long will it be until chatbots can bluff better than gamers? When will engineers design artificial intelligences capable of outdoing the most professional gamblers at their own game?

Computers are able to learn from experience, just like humans. Libratus is just one example of AI which has managed to oust world-class gambling pros from the helm of the gaming industry.

It’s a guessing game… 

We can only guess at how an ever-changing technological climate will affect the gaming industry.

For the time being though, our best bet is continue gaming safely and honestly while gaming companies and regulators work together to harness technology to protect their users from harmful or obsessive practices and continue to improve the user experience.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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