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How Technology Has Made Logistics More Effective

Advancements in technology over the years has brought significant improvements to businesses. One sector which has particularly benefitted from technological improvements is logistics.

From tracking services to vehicle efficiency, below we’ll look at some of the ways technology has made the logistics sector more efficient.


Improved vehicle efficiency

The efficiency of delivery vehicles has improved drastically thanks to technology. The introduction of GPS has helped drivers pick faster, more efficient routes. Many newer delivery vehicles also come with improved efficiency built-in too.

GPS has also helped the logistics sector to reduce its impact on the environment. The faster the driver can reach the destination, the less fuel they use.

Shipment tracking

One of the key features which has made the logistics sector more effective is shipment tracking. This enables both the sender and the receiver of the goods to track where their parcel is. Real time tracking has helped to improve customer satisfaction, as well as reduce fraudulent lost and stolen claims.

You will find most couriers featured on comparison website Parcel2Go.com offer tracking facilities. As technology continues to improve, these tracking facilities also continue to get better.

Autonomous drones and vehicles

While still relatively new, autonomous drones and vehicles are proving to be a game changer in logistics. In some parts of the world, delivery drones are already in operation. They are able to deliver packages quickly and efficiently without a human driver present.

This particular technology is likely to be more of a focus after the coronavirus crisis has eased. As companies look towards more contactless methods, drones and automated deliveries could prove a viable solution.

Faster processing

It isn’t just the deliveries themselves that have improved thanks to technology. The picking and packing sector has also seen significant improvements. Technology has helped with faster processing. AI robots are used within many warehouses today, helping to pick orders at a much faster rate than humans.

Automated software has also helped to speed things along. Customer labels can be created and printed off automatically. It can also help to keep tabs on inventory. When stocks get low, orders can automatically be placed, reducing the risk of running out of stock and disappointing customers.

Improvements within communication have also helped. With real time communication available, it improves operations and helps to keep everything running smoothly. Important information can be shared quickly, ensuring any issues can be corrected before they become a problem.

These are just some of the ways technology has helped to make the logistics sector more effective. As developments continue to be made, the sector is likely to experience more improvements in the next decade.

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