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How technology can make your remote business a hit?

Imagine never again having to drive for 2 hours to work at peak hours. It seems like a dream of a utopia, doesn’t it? Well, you are not so different from the millions of people who are thinking the same while being stuck in the traffic alongside you.

However, the ultimate savior of our time has made its place in the world and it is here to stay. Yes! We are talking about Remote Work Culture. Or simply put, staying and working from home in your pajamas all day.


Many times when we discuss remote working, we take a dive in the pros and sometimes graze slightly on the cons but forget about the fact that how easy it has become for people to work from their homes.

With technology overtaking our daily lives, we are now living in a world where science has a solution for all of our problems so regardless of where in the world you are working from, the utmost productivity can be achieved effortlessly. Let us see how.

Quick broadcasts through chat apps

We have all witnessed the growth of mobile chat apps since their inception. So much so that many companies have selected an “official chat app” for their people for having group conversations or sending broadcasts. In fact, today there are tons of options to choose from for the most relevant experience for our employees.

It is a quick, easy to use, mobile and highly accessible form of communication between colleagues.

Track accountability through video calling

It has been proven for a number of times that remote work enhances productivity and satisfaction among employees. But this doesn’t mean that some people are not going to take advantage of this policy.

The best way to avoid situations where employees take advantage of the unaccountability of working from home is video calling.

Scheduling meetings or attendance at regular intervals through video calling softwares to track employee performance can help the management in the long run.

Document sharing for easy collaboration

The innovations in technology have given us the ability to share all kinds of documents in real-time. With this collaborative and interactive give a way of working, which can prove to be a big advantage for remote workers all over the world.

Put this all together with Virtual Whiteboards

We have all the technology in the world to help our cause while working remotely. However, it is too scattered. With so many different softwares, it can easily get messy while trying to work in collaboration with another remote employee.

To put this all behind, you can opt for the one single platform that encompasses the features of the above mentioned softwares.

Virtual whiteboards are the platforms with integrate chatting, audio conferencing, document and screen sharing, and a lot more at one place for the perfect collaborative work experience for all the remote employees.

Choosing a whiteboard online to encourage interactive work culture among your remote employees can be an easier deal in contrast to assembling a number of softwares for them to juggle with.

Technology has given us every necessary means for us to work with our maximum potential, regardless of the distance between our workspace and offices. We are always connected with each other and that is nothing less than an advantage.

The remote work culture is here and it is here to stay. The only challenge is to put together the best-suited technology for everyone to make the best of it.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
Suumit is the serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency by the name of Risemetric. To know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter


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