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How Much Will It Cost To Develop an Uber-Like Application

When you think of a taxi booking application, the first one that crosses your mind is Uber, a mobile application designed to connect a driver and a passenger. A vast majority of people is knocked down speechless by its simplicity and convenience.

Since its launch in 2009, Uber has taken the world and currently running in 108 countries. The Uber-like application can be used not only for ordering taxi but also for any on-demand delivery.

Do you want to create our own Uber for X? Uber for X is a name given to startup idea based on Uber’s business model. There is a vast number of Uber app clones but only a few of them is a real success.

Top “Uber for X” Apps

  • UberEATS

The application allows ordering the food you’d like from all restaurants in your area. UberEATS encompasses hundreds of the best spots with the best local food at the tap of your finger.

  • Roadie

It’s an Uber-like application for package delivery. Roadie is the first on-the-way delivery in the neighborhood. The application matches you with a driver who’s already going that way. Like with Uber, you can track your stuff in real time.

  • Soothe

The app allows ordering a massage to your place in as little as in an hour. Your request will be matched with a massage specialist available in your area at the specified time.

  • BloomThat

BloomThat can bring you handcrafted bouquets in an hour and a half. Launch the app, choose the flowers you’d like, make the payment and the flowers will be delivered to your door within the next 90 minutes.

Uber has proved its convenience and usability for many on-demand services such as flower and food delivery and courier services. Just find a team of dedicated professionals to bring any Uber-like idea to life. So let’s get started.

Uber connects a client with a nearby driver estimating the approximate cost of the trip and arrival time.

The app offers much safer taxi hailing since you know the information about the driver – driver’s full name, a make and number of the car, and a telephone number. In case you don’t like the driver, you can cancel the ride.

When you need to go somewhere by taxi, then launch the app to tell your location. The app uses your telephone GPS to determine the pick-up location.

The trip ends as soon as you reach your destination point. Then comes the payment. You know the fare beforehand. With Uber, you can pay for a ride by card or in cash.

After the payment is completed you’ll be offered to rate the trip – you will evaluate the driver, and the driver will evaluate you as a passenger.

In short, Uber encompasses four steps:

  • Step 1: Requesting
  • Step 3: Performing
The first step is to create a demand for the service. The Uber-like apps let the users request the service instantly or schedule it for later. It depends on the service type. Uber, e.g., has a possibility to track the cabs while driving. And Roadie offers also tracking of your goods while hailing.
  • Step 2: Matching
  • Step 4: Payment & Rating
As soon as you make a request, the information goes to the nearby driver, cafe, shop or a flower boutique. Once the ride is completed or the food delivered, you pay for it and can rate the performer.

Creating an Uber-like application involves:

     Basic      Extended
  • UI/UX Designer
  • App Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Project manager
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • 3-4 Developers
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Backend Developer
  • Admin

Before you hire a team of specialist, you should point out the main functions and features of your Uber for X app. Do you want a completely the same Uber application or a regular app working on Uber’s business model?

Each block has a set of features to describe the app functionality. You can add some new features to make your app stand out from the other Uber-like apps.

Uber Essential Features

Uber Essential Features

  • Plain Registration
  • Payment Feature
  • GPS Navigation
  • Communication
  • Rating System

The above mentioned are the basic features for a wide range of on-demand mobile applications. Let’s delve into details.

GPS & Tracking

Developing an Uber for X is all about the GPS. It allows identifying the current location of both passenger and driver. Or if you’re going to create Uber for Pizza, it will help determine the location of a customer and offer nearby pizza places.

At least, it will take around 30 hours to implement a tracking feature. Depending on the rates, be prepared to pay off $1,400 ($35/hour) to $2,400 ($60/hour).


Uber offers several ways for signing up. You can register using your email, Facebook, Google+ or other social media accounts. But the registration process for doers is much complicated involving document verification.

Developing of a registration feature may take around 100-120 hours to complete. The cost ranges from $4,200 ($35/hour) to $7,200 ($60/hour).


There is a couple of ways to notify customers that their car has arrived or their pizza is ready. Uber uses both SMS and push notifications. When developing an MVP, push notification establishes a connection between demand and supply.

To establish a stable channel for communication may require at least 5 hours of work. Depending on the rates, the development of a communication channel may cost $175 ($35/hour) to $300 ($60/hour).


Uber like apps usually have a cashless payment system due to a number of objective reasons – safety, convenience, and speed. In developing countries Uber allows the users to pay in cash. The more payment options you have, the more customers you will get.

Payment integration is the most complicated process taking up to 80 hours. The average cost varies from $2,800 ($35/hour) to $4,800 ($60/hour).

Key Takeaways

So how much will it cost to develop an Uber for X? It’s difficult to calculate the price without any specifications as the cost varies depending on the app features.

Summarizing all factors, the cost of a plain Uber-like application starts at $20,000 at $35 hourly rate.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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