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How Facial Recognition Time Clock Works for Employee Attendance

Discipline and regularity constitute a critical aspect of an efficient workplace. Without these things, the workplace’s productivity is reduced, and affecting the overall business in terms of finances. Key features of the traditional system of attendance were kept in mind, based on entering the time in a register-based on time on the clock. As technology has progressed at a fast pace; thus, it has changed the way we used to work at our offices. The traditional system of employee attendance is replaced by the breakthrough in technology called the Facial recognition attendance system.

Many other modes are available for taking attendance, such as the biometric system in which the fingerprints are used. But these can cause infections to spread among the employees, thus making it a less popular choice.

How does it function?

Every person has their unique features in terms of their appearance. This breakthrough in technology matches your function with the one saved automatically to enter your attendance automatically. Thus to identify these features and differentiate one from another, the system makes use of specific algorithms. Therefore to operate it, the employees need to get their facial recognition registered with the device and the employee id and fingerprint or biometric.  Hence when the system receives all the required information expressed, the employee can quickly get their attendance marked. It is done by standing in front of the system while it scans features and matches it with its database within seconds.

Who needs this system the most?

Now the question comes that the biometric system is already quite popular among people, so what is its use? The answer is that time is money, especially for people who work on an hourly wage, which is quite prominent in countries overseas andfreelancers. Thus time is money for them. So to save their time, this breakthrough in technology is essential for them. A company with thousands of employees’ time cannot be wasted by merely standing in a queue for biometrics/attendance. Thus every field requires this system as it is quick and efficient.

Advantages of a facial recognition system for attendance

  1. Save up on workforce costs – As mentioned earlier, time is money in a business. When the traditional system of attendance was in practice, there were increased fraud cases as employees used to mark their presence as on time despite coming late or having their friends mark their attendance. It can add up to a massive loss for the company. Hence, with the system’s invention without the physical presence of a person, the attendance cannot be marked. Therefore the company can save up in terms of finances and utilize it for thriving their business as they do not have to pay the extra money.
  2. Enhanced security of the organization – Security and safety of the employees are essential aspects of any organization. With the traditional system, anybody could enter the premises by force or by disguising as another person. This new system allows entry of only those individuals into the working area whose names are registered. It also ensures that the data of the company is not stolen by fraudulent means.

How Facial Recognition Time Clock Works for Employee Attendance

  1. Update time instantly – Human beings are a statue of errors. Thus the traditional system of attendance came with chances of errors or inaccuracy in terms of time entry. This new system automatically updates time and date and reduces the chances of human errors. Thus one can quickly check absenteeism among employees, leaves, total strength, etc. You can also trace the location of the employees and monitor the time.
  2. Reduce chances of infection –One of the essential aspects of having this system that you can reduce the chances of infection among employees. Cold and Flu can be shared among employees; thus, the biometric form of attendance can increase bacteria and viruses’ spread. With on-going pandemic, people have become more conscious and socially distanced. Hence to ensure their safety and avoid the spread of deadly germs or infections, this system would be beneficial. Also, absenteeism due to illness can lead to hampered productivity and business.
  3. Discipline and sound working environment – A workplace can only achieve their desired targets and profits if there is discipline amongst employees. Reaching the workplace on time inhibits regulation among employees and increases their willingness to work. Thus the attendance system came into place. Frequent absenteeism or being late can reduce productivity and can affect the finances of a company. This system would make the employees more disciplined as being late would come with a fine in the form of a pay cut.
  4. Keep employee data secured – Anybody can access the personal information which is not meant to be shared or exposed to their employees due to the traditional method. This innovation ensures employee data is kept safe in the system using a secret password only meant to be accessed by the top management. Thus enhances employee satisfaction and security.
  5. Convenient or ease of access – This system can be easily included in the day to day schedule of an organization, and it does not come with much of a hassle. Just insert the data, and you are good to go. People who work as freelancers or in the IT industry save time and effort as they do not have to log in and log out every time they start their day or take a lunch break. The system scans and enters it into their attendance system that the employee is on duty.

Hence to have enhanced productivity and save time, it is a valuable asset to manage attendance using a face recognition method for attendance. This small investment surely can help you save time and money and meet your desired target. It is only a matter of time that this would be a standard system amongst all organizations; thus, one must keep up with the technology and utilize it in their day to day system. Along with it,it can help you create a sound working environment for your employees.

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