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6 Best Apps For Digital Nomads

6 Best Apps For Digital Nomads

If you are someone who works from home or anywhere, it is important to take initiative and learn about new technology that can help make your life more efficient. This includes downloading the latest apps that will help your levels of productivity. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming on figuring out where to start. Below are 6 of the best apps for digital nomads.

1. Google Docs 

Google Docs is the first thing that someone who is working from all over the place should have. The ability to easily access your documents is the most useful feature, while it also allows you to not have to use a specific computer or worry about not being able to access your content. There is also a useful feature that allows you to work on your document offline. Google Docs is completely free.

2. Spotify 

Every digital nomad needs to be able to sit back and listen to some tunes while they are working (or taking a break for that matter). Spotify is also similar to Google Docs in that you can access millions of songs from any computer or device as long as you have an account. Music is also very easy to share and there are even podcasts available too. Also just like Google Docs, Spotify has a feature that allows you to save tracks to your hard drive or phone so that they can be listened to when you don’t have the internet. Spotify has both a free and paid premium version.

3. Workfrom 

The interesting thing about Workfrom is that it tells you the best locations to be able to work at in the area you are in. The details are quite useful, as the app tells you how strong the wifi signal is, the best place to sit, information about what food and drinks are available, and what to expect the noise level to be. These are all incredibly useful if you’re planning on hunkering down for a good part of the day to get work done. Workfrom is available at no cost.

4. Milanote 

Digital nomads need to stay organized, so a project management service like Milanote makes perfect sense. Projects can be easily arranged into digital boards, files and images can be easily uploaded, and content can be easily shared with anyone else relevant to your work. This is also a great tool for organizing your personal calendar. You can sign up for the service for free.

5. Slack 

Slack is another great app to have available because it is a great way to easily chat with a team of people or those who are in a group that revolves around something specific. In addition, the ease to share files and videos make Slack very useful. The company is now partnering with Amazon as well, so there will inevitably be more features to be added in the near future. Slack offers a free version but also has paid versions with more premium features.

6. Zoom 

For anyone who is constantly traveling because they are able to do so for work, having Zoom is a must. This is because it is an extremely easy to use video conferencing software and is a great way to contact coworkers, family, and friends. It is also very easy to add a large amount of people to a conference if you’d like. The other thing that makes the app so versatile is that it can be used on almost any device, so if you don’t want to drain your phone’s battery you can just load it up on your computer or tablet. Zoom offers both a free and paid version of the product.

These are just 6 of the many apps that are worth having if you’re a digital nomad. There are many more to check out if these aren’t enough, so check out places like Digital Nomad Soul and Lifehack. Of course, there are also useful resources for people who just want to learn how to best work remotely in general. With all of these cool tools and resources, you’ll be a true digital nomad in no time.

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