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How Does RNG In Online Casino Software Work?

If you ever asked yourself what RNG in online casinos stands for – it’s the Random Number Generator! Legitimate and licensed online casinos use this software algorithm to ensure that the games generate random outcomes, thus proving their fairness.

Random Number Generators are usually used in slot machines to ensure fair winning chances and truly random combinations. The slot machine will pay you according to the generated results.

Software Work

However, the use of this software algorithm goes beyond slot machines. Online gambling venues and land-based casinos also use it for video poker, jackpot slots, and more.

Let’s explore how this algorithm works!

RNG: A Must For Elite Online Casinos

In the international gambling market, numerous companies develop and provide RNG software for gaming purposes. Gambling companies can obtain the RNG as a part of the ordered and purchased game title.

In the past, land-based casinos featured the RNG as a microprocessor incorporated into slot machines. Nowadays, gambling sites have the RNG as software embedded into the game titles they provide on their website. The RNGs embedded into the games are constantly active and must generate random outcomes at any time.

However, they must also incorporate an RNG in their game library for licensing purposes.

For example, if you’d want to obtain a Curacao gaming license, you’ll have to comply with RNG requirements. One of the main parts of the required company’s documentation is to acquire an RNG certificate issued by a specialized testing company.

Furthermore, online casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authorities must comply with the requirements and use RNG software consistently. This certification will convince the authorities that the machines are generating outcomes corresponding to the declared ones in the license.

The thing is that various games have different Random Number Generators depending on the game’s type, rules, and possible outcomes. Moreover, there are different types of RNGs used in online casinos.

The Two Types of RNG

Most legitimate online casinos use one of the two Random Number Generator software: TRNG and PRNG. TRGN stands for True Random Number Generator, while PRNG stands for Pseudo Random Number Generator. At casino-bonus.club you can find a list of secure and fair online casinos that use Random Number Generator software.

True Random Number Generator

The TRNG algorithm uses physical events consisting of random elements and usually uses signals to generate random numerical values. A signal can be a noise, a touch, or anything else that can produce a measurable input.

This way, the TRNG ensures that there won’t be any repeated sequences of numbers or that the outcomes can be predictable. Nonetheless, gambling sites tend to use the PRNG because of the improved algorithm system based on generating long strings of numbers out of shorter strings of numbers.

The Pseudo Random Number Generator

Online casinos usually use a PRNG to ensure unbiased outcomes. The PRNG works on the following principle – it uses algorithms to generate a large string of numbers based on a shorter series of numbers.

The shorter string of numbers is called the ‘seed number.’ The seed can sometimes be generated based on a physical event, similar to the TRNG. Nevertheless, this software is purely digital, making it vulnerable to hackers entering the system and reverse-engineering the parameters and values.

However, this can rarely happen because online casinos prevent it with a whole set of measures, including regular inspections, mathematical evaluations, tests, game payout verifications, and annual reports.

A Simple Example of How an RNG Works

In addition, we’ll see how the RNG software practically worlds through real examples from online slots and video poker.

Online Slots

If you play a 5-reel slot game with 12 different symbols, the RNG will generate random values (1 to 12) for each reel. The Random Number Generator will randomly assign a value to each of the symbols, randomly choose one of the twelve symbols, and assign it to each of the five reels.

The outcomes are five random symbols, independent from one another. If you land a matching combination of these symbols, you’ll acquire winnings accordingly.

Video Poker

Online casinos use this outcome system for video poker titles, also! For example, when you click the draw or deal button, the RNG instantly stops the game and chooses the number. It doesn’t delay and selects the card available at the very second. The RNG cycles through hundreds of cards per second, so the outcomes are always random.

Final Words

Many gamers ask themselves whether they can beat the RNG. The answer is no! Nobody can beat a Random Number Generator, especially a PRNG, because it’s designed and regularly tested to repeat the same algorithm.

The RNGs are a mandatory requirement of the licensing procedure and a part of all elite online casinos. Credible gambling sites test this software through independent auditors to ensure unbiased and fair outcomes. So, beware – anything can happen once you’ve placed your bets.


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