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How Does AWS and Azure Security Differ

AWS and Azure are two of the dominating cloud-providing services in the market. While Azure shows pride in its larger clientele, AWS boasts about its larger share in the market. Both predominant cloud-vendors have certain features that make them stand-apart among their contemporaries. The debate continues about which cloud-vendor is more efficient between the two. However, with every competitive step ahead, only a few features are separating the two. But it is wrong to assume that both cloud service providers are similar because each takes a different approach while addressing certain key aspects. Here are some details about the AWS Azure comparison that you must know-

AWS and Azure Security Differ

How Does AWS Security Work?

AWS is primarily known in the market for offering you services to protect your data, accounts, and resources from unauthorized and harmful access. The security services also provide encryption, key management, and consistent detection of threats by continuously monitoring your system activities.

Consistent monitoring of your network activity and your AWS account behavior plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your workload. Apart from this, AWS provides you information about your compliance status. It carries out specific compliance checks following the industry standards that your organization follows.

How Does Azure Cloud Service Function?

The security center of Azure cloud services functions by automatically gathering, analyzing, and integrating the log data present in your Azure resources. Apart from your resources, it also incorporates the network and other partner solutions such as antimalware and firewalls. When the system detects a threat, a subsequent alert is created.

The threats can be anything ranging from virtual machines communicating with harmful IP addresses to brute forceful attacks on virtual machines. By detecting the threat, Azure aids you to prevent, detect, and neutralize the threats with high visibility and control over securing your resources. The system enables you to detect vulnerabilities and loopholes which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Key Differences Between the Two

When you observe the AWS Azure comparison, you will notice specific key differences in the features of security services provided by the two cloud service providers. For identity and access management, AWS uses IAM, whereas Azure utilizes Active Directory, the identity manager used in Windows as well. Azure uses Key Vault for key management purposes while AWS uses KM.

Both KM and Key Vault offer end-to-end data encryption. AWS utilizes VPC, whereas Azure uses two networks- virtual network and ExpressRoute. For the purpose of security checks, AWS uses Trusted Advisor and AWS inspector.

On the other hand, Azure uses a Security center for keeping checks on the system. Another important key difference between the two is the storage security used in each of the cloud vendors. Azure uses Storage Service Encryption (SSE), while AWS uses Data Encryption for S3.

The market has witnessed both these platforms for years together. While both cloud service providers dominate the industry, both have multiple similarities that make them difficult to distinguish. However, Azure and AWS also have certain different vital features that make them stand apart. These features include identity and access management system, key management system, networks, and many more.

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