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How Do You Stage a House for Sale without Furniture

Anyone who has ever sold a house agrees that it is so hard to sell an ugly home. In the same manner, a blank space just makes no connection with prospective home buyers. They find it difficult to imagine living in that vacant space. Moreover, when a home is cluttered or bare, it doesn’t showcase the full potential of the property. If you are a realtor, builder, interior designer, or an ordinary home re-seller looking to close that deal, you must rely on virtual staging to ensure a quick sale. With this seamless process, you can stage an empty house or even a pre-loved house without buying more furniture.

Stage a House for Sale without Furniture

What is Virtual Staging?

This approach makes your listings more sellable. You may be amazed that this concept is nothing new. In fact, it has the same objectives as traditional home staging where you spruce up the property to entice more home buyers to consider the property. You declutter the space, update the furnishings, add more accent pieces to make the house look refreshing and beautiful.

However, with virtual staging, you don’t have to buy anything or move around the furniture. With the aid of software, you can produce realistic pictures via 3-dimensional rendering with the help of an experienced graphic artist. You can give suggestions, or allow the artist to work his or her design magic on your property. Through this method, you save tons of money because you can style any kind of space and make it look appealing without investing in furniture.

How Does the Process Work?

With the aid of high technology, you can use software to design any space with a mere click of the mouse. You can add a sofa set to your living room, play with various sizes of bed frames for the bedroom, or show how to maximize space in an open loft condo. The pictures produced via 3D rendering shows your prospective buyers what they can do with the existing space. Moreover, making this connection is vital because buyers only consider properties that they can imagine as a part of their daily lives.

Thanks to virtual staging, you can easily turn this into a reality without buying furniture and spending a dime. The software provides a way for you to play around with various design schemes so you can target different niches. For example, you have an empty house; you can make a contemporary design using sleek furnishing and minimalist accent decors. At the same time, you can also use the same space to make a Spanish theme. Add vibrant reds, stucco tiles, and include flamboyant awnings. Best of all, you can do all of these without buying any furniture and spending a dime.

What Can This Do For You?

Through your stylish photos, you can give your clients various choices that tickle their imaginations. They feel a closer affinity with the property and feel inspired to keep on working on getting their dream homes. By virtually staging your listings, you have endless possibilities at your disposal. So just let those creative juices flow so you can come up with interesting designs that appeal to buyers.

After all, the eyes are naturally drawn to pretty things. As such, any individual selling a property must make an effort to ensure they attract tons of buyers. In general, people inquire more and aspire to own beautiful homes. When you count on this process, you can use the software for the following:

  • Entice your buyer by vamping up your empty spaces with accents and unique furniture
  • Remodel rooms with outdated decor and replace them with new and timely designs
  • Make your rooms come to life with a pop of color by using accent pieces and embellishments
  • Keep your design realistic and versatile; this shows that you can design your space in any which way and be super creative
  • Declutter, old furniture and wall paint schemes
  • Replace old looking color with fresh ones that are gentle on the eyes

Why Aggressively Market Online?

Right now, the world enjoys a modern, digital era. People rely so much on technology, especially the internet, to do daily things like online banking, shopping, and even buying homes. Right now, studies show that almost five billion people are active internet users. That astounding figure encompasses 59% of the world population.

Hence, you must optimize this figure by channeling your home marketing efforts to where your buyers are. Currently, the majority of the adult population hang out on social media, with 4.5 billion people actively engaged in various platforms. Noteworthy, most adults have at least two social media accounts, the most popular ones being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

With this compelling evidence, you must double your digital marketing efforts so you can show your home ads where your clients are. Furthermore, even the real estate association confirmed that 80% of home buyers start with an online search. Additionally, more than half make their booking through the web.

If you seriously want to crush your competition, you must rely on virtual staging to create stunning visuals of your various listings. This is the only way you can capture your audience. Just imagine, with this method, you can give a virtual home tour without even meeting your prospective clients. You can use this method for the following:

  • Creating better listings with realistic details.
  • Sharing eye-catching posts about properties on you various social media profiles.
  • Crafting e-newsletters for your esteemed clients.
  • Making stunning landing pages for your real estate website.
  • Producing high-quality brochures and flyers for you when you meet your clients face to face.

Final Wrap Up

If you are serious about selling a property without breaking the bank, you can redesign, renovate, and completely revamp any space with virtual staging. With this method, you don’t have to buy a single piece of furniture or decor. At the same time, this approach ensures you get to enjoy the benefits of home staging. As such, you can expect to attract more home buyers, increase inquiries, and close more deals. Today, your fiercest competitors virtually stage homes to reach the home buying market effectively. If you fail to optimize this 3D rendering technology, you will be unsuccessful in reaching your sales quotas, and you will get left behind by your competition.

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