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How Communication Technology Development Changes Human Life Drastically

Today, in the so-called information society, new forms of thinking, acting and communicating are introduced as everyday habits, there are innumerable ways of acquiring knowledge, as well as the tools that propitiate this acquisition.

How Communication Technology Development Changes Human Life Drastically

At present there are other ways of understanding, of perceiving, of feeling and of learning, in which affectivity, relationships, imagination and values ​​can’t fail to be considered. In the information society we learn to relearn, to know, to communicate, to teach, to interact, to integrate the human and the technological, to integrate the individual, the group and the social.

Finally, information and / or communication technologies enable the individual to have access to thousands of information and complexities of contexts both near and far from their reality that, in an educational process, can serve as an element of learning, as a space of socialization, generating knowledge and scientific knowledge. Therefore, the Internet should be used as a tool to assist reading and writing acquisition, a tool that the school and the teacher should introduce into the student’s school life, since it is part of their daily life. to the teacher to democratize and guide the students in the use of the Internet in order to lead them to the process of knowledge construction, enabling the teacher to be a mediator, that is, to accompany and suggest activities, to help solve doubts and stimulate the search for a new knowledge .

Historical elements on human communication

From the very first moment in which man began to live in society, he arose from the need to communicate with one another, to express his feelings and even his culture, for many times also communicated in order to alert to some near danger.

It is believed that the writing originated from the ideograms drawings, in which the drawing of an orange would represent it, or the drawings of two legs could represent both the act of walking and standing, with the process of evolution the symbols eventually became abstract and evolved to have no relation to the original characters.

Writing is a symbolic process that enabled man to expand his messages far beyond his own time and space, creating messages that would remain unchanged for centuries and could be uttered miles away. The emergence of writing is of great importance to history, for from that moment on we find the first records of communication, which date events considered important for the time lived, and which would be passed not only from one individual to another, but from generation to generation.

Information-based technologies

Information technologies or how we now know the new information and communication technologies are the result of the fusion of three technical aspects: computer science, telecommunications and electronic media. They have created an enchantment in terms of space and distance concepts, such as electronic networks and cell phones, which give us the ability to take what was once miles away.

The computer connected to the Internet has extrapolated all the limits of the technological revolution that has occurred until then, since it broke with the traditional characteristics of the mass media invented until the present moment, whereas the radio, the cinema, the press and the television are elements considered unidirectional , that is to say, they are means of communication in which the message makes a single route, from the sender to the receiver, the communication systems that are interconnected to the internet allow the users that both transmitter and receiver interfere in the message.

In addition, the speed with which the internet has spread throughout the world is enormous compared to other technologies, as it took thirty-eight (38) years to reach an audience of fifty (50) million in the United States, the computer took 16 (sixteen) years, television took 13 (thirteen) years and the internet took only four (4) years to reach 50 (fifty) million Internet users. These new technologies have transformed people’s lives and daily lives, both in their communication medium and in all fields of society.

From 1980 the computer began to function as an extension of human cognitive activities that activate thinking, creating and memorizing. It is important to note an interesting observation made by Levy (1999), “most computer programs play a role of intellectual technology, that is, they reorganize, in one way or another, the world view of their users and modify their mental reflexes “.

Since we came across the internet a series of functions inaugurated by this advent came to make life easier for people, not only did communication become more agile and easy, but also became a facilitator of the activities carried out in our daily life, This technology makes it possible to do practically everything without having to leave home, for example, the purchase of food, medicines, clothes, shoes, etc. Even when we want to play gambling, we don’t need to get out of our comfortable room. With the Internet we can get trustworthy guide to the best online casino deals and offers.

We can also carry out bank transactions without having to go to the bank, which is a very important act since faced with the dangers of assault we can perform functions in the house without putting our own life at risk, and more interesting is that we can take courses in the distance, we can now qualify for the job market, without the need to have to travel to a certain place. All of what we have mentioned so far are just some of the facilities that the internet provided human life, if we think about reality and impossible to number all the devices that we have at our disposal thanks to this technological advent.

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