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How Colors Influence Cosmetic Packaging? 

From Tiffany Blue to Hermès’ iconic orange to Christian Louboutin’s classic red-soled heels, the color is just like the DNA of a brand. A famous color marketing theory mentioned that in just 0.67 seconds, consumers will have a first impression of the appearance of the product; while the role of color accounted for 67%. It can be said that people are naturally sensitive to colors. For cosmetic packaging, the role of color is self-evident.

Founder of brand institution Ignyte, Brian Lischer recently confirmed that color psychology plays a vital role in digital marketing. Color psychology is used by every online marketer, although they have various degrees of understanding of color. Lischer said that the more a brand understands the principles of color usage, the more advantages marketing has. “Although different ages, genders, experiences, and differences in the nervous system make individuals have different understandings of color, numerous studies and experiments have shown that there are some references in a broad sense.” The most important point of color is that people can think of a cosmetic brand right away.

Therefore, a cosmetic packaging supplier using standard colors is very important for both buyers and retailers. For example, Auber Packaging is good in this regard. Auber is an ISO9001 Certified contract manufacturer offering private label cosmetic tube packaging. Since 2004, Auber has been the leading cosmetic tube manufacturer in China. With the excellent equipment and raw materials from overseas, our stable qualified products have achieved a high reputation from our clients all over the world.

Auber has consistently adhered to the standard Pantone color card as a color control standard for cosmetic tubes. At the same time, experienced technicians have a high degree of sensitivity to colors. We produce high-quality cosmetic tubes, airless pump tubes, metal cosmetic tubes, lip gloss tubes, nozzle gel tubes, round skincare tubes, and aluminum plastic laminated tubes to be used in cosmetics, skincare, hair care, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, etc.

Cosmetics are the products of fashion, which best reflect people’s pursuit of aesthetic consciousness. Cosmetic packaging design focuses on taste and personality. However, people’s tastes are closely related to different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. For cosmetic brands, because the product homogenization phenomenon is getting much serious, special packaging design is needed to attract the attention of consumers, but the packaging cannot be very sharp. It is necessary to convey the concept of pure natural skin care. For cosmetics,  you need to consider the color of the packaging.

The color technique of cosmetic packaging design should pay attention to the following points: one is the relationship between color and packaging; the other is the contrast between color and color. These two points are the key to color application.

  1. The relationship between color and cosmetic packaging

So, what is the relationship between color and cosmetic packaging? It is mainly through the external packaging color that can reveal or reflect the inner packaging items. It allows people to basically perceive or associate with the inner packaging as soon as they look at the outer packaging. But if we can walk into the store and look at the goods, many goods do not reflect this. It is impossible for consumers to think about what the packaged items are from the table. So, it cannot play a positive promotional role in the sales of products.

It is very important to conform to the product function. It is not possible to design cosmetic packaging like food, which will make people feel illusory. Targeting is also very important, although they are all cosmetics, some are for small girls, some are for 30-40 years, mature ladies. So we must be familiar with the aesthetics of our customer base.

In the last two years, the brand of Anti Social Social Club, which arouses the pink fashion trend, has acquired certain achievements in color marketing.

  1. The contrast between color and color

This is the easiest thing to do in many cosmetic packaging designs, but it is very difficult to grasp. The so-called contrasts generally have the following contrasts: the light and heavy contrast of color use, the point-to-face ratio of color use and so on.

Because color has a special meaning for the design of the outer packaging of cosmetics, we need to pay more attention to the choice of color in the packaging of the designed product. The packaging effect of the product may vary greatly. A good designer must have his own unique understanding and application in color.

At the same time, whether color elements are coordinated in the packaging design is an important part of the design. Color matching needs to be considered from the ultimate purpose of the packaging function, we should always focus on the use of color aesthetics. The main reason for the packaging is that the color of the package is the main tone of the package. To determine the color of the package, the color of the product should be considered. Sometimes the color of the product determines the main color of the package. The coordination of the package color should be considered according to the product content and the package.

In general, the color of cosmetic packaging is like a silent salesman for the end customers. The packaging color is influenced by trade design and is constantly changing to win the favor of consumers. Indeed Auber can provide more detailed and professional advice on your cosmetic tubes colors.

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