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How Can A Student Prepare For Class 5 Olympiad?

What is an Olympiad?

Mathematics is used in all aspects of life. It is an important subject that is prescribed to all classes in schools. A mathematics Olympiad is a competition for students belonging to different countries who mainly aspire to excel in maths. Class five is the highest level of primary school education. Preparing for a maths Olympiad at this level can help the child. It aids his/her transition and will help the child to adapt to changes. The competition fosters an interest in mathematics at earlier levels and improves the skills of students. A candidate is able to recognize the true potential and improve their aptitude skills. One must get familiar with the competition rules and regulations. Problem solving skills and thinking outside the box will greatly help students. It gives an added advantage to mainly solve tricky questions. These exams conducted initially at school levels can be taken annually or bi-annually to analyse the potential of students. Acquainting oneself with such questions from a younger age can ensure success at higher classes.

How Can A Student Prepare For Class 5 Olympiad

The Olympiad is completely different from any school exam. A profound understanding of each concept through better research and practical knowledge is better. Understanding will help the candidate to get an improved insight of the topics. Visiting the official site to observe all information can be of much help. The Internet is a network that provides different sites to utilise practice tests, share information on how to solve difficult maths problems and discuss the level of questions. The internet can help to save time and the materials are cost efficient too. However, Olympiads are based on topics taught at school.  The child will not feel any additional burden as any Olympiad is designed according to the school curriculum. This will be reflected in school grades too. The aim of the competition is to familiarise the child with the concepts of mathematics.

Syllabus for preparation

Knowing the syllabus is the first step towards preparation for the Maths Olympiad. The topics that are covered in the class five syllabus are decimals, divisibility, fractions, factors and multiples, prime factorization, HCF, LCM, numbers, percentage, unitary method, bar graphs, pie charts, lines, angles, perimeter, area, volume, triangles, quadrilaterals and circles. The syllabus is comparatively less when compared to the higher classes. These topics stand as the foundation for mathematical problems and topics that are taught in schools during the higher classes. Top of Form

 Realising the importance of such topics is essential for preparation.  Topics such as division, multiplication, factors and number should be given better attention. The topics like pie charts, bar graphs, are and volume can be demonstrated practically for better understanding and performance during examinations.

Practise and Perfection

There goes a saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. The same is to be followed by each candidate with regard to questions, tests and exercises. The sample papers boost confidence of students and direct their concentration to better levels. Practising for an Olympiad will not let the child’s hard work go in vain. Small children generally tend to get nervous during exams. Practise will lessen their anxiety and fear and help students draft a plan on how to approach the subject. It can motivate them to learn better and perform accordingly. The latest question papers can help in better understanding. It serves as a stronger method of practise for the students who are about to take up exams. The child will undergo a transition and face more challenges due to the levels of difficulty. Students should regularly practise so that they do not face problems later. The process will help students ascertain their results. Sample papers will help students find the best approach to giving an actual examination. Samples are designed in such a way to lessen pressure on the child.

Such similar competitions assure that students explore the portions beyond that of school to score higher marks in the examination. Students can get access to good education personalized learning material on their platform for free. Olympiads aim to fill the gap between learning and excellence through the best study materials that are perfectly crafted for efficiency. Teachers are always the best sources of information to analyse one’s strengths and weaknesses. Taking notes and paying heed to the teacher’s advice will improve the performance and seeking the teacher’s help will ensure success. Time is an essential essence that matters while sitting for the exam. Students can increase their score by reducing the amount of time that they spend on solving each of the questions on the exam. 


Time is an important factor in the preparation for exams. Proper planning and strict schedules or time tables lead to better practise. Time is very crucial and starting to prepare well in advance is good. Though the students belong to a much lower class, it is good to begin such preparation. The earlier the preparation, better the results obtained in exams. Sticking to the schedule is a pre-requisite to avoid lags in the schedule maintained for study. Online tests can be incidental in facing issues regarding the topics and can help arrive at solutions.


Managing stress is important. Small children will find it difficult to answer such tricky questions. Making them understand that the Olympiad as a simple exam will mitigate stress. Stress clouds one’s judgment and affects emotions too. Thus, it is better to avoid stress by considering the value of the exam. Knowing the types of tests to be taken is needed. Knowing what must be expected and the type of questions and timings of the exam must be known. The durations must be properly ascertained in order to complete the exam on time. Tracking the performance on each test can help note the improvement in performance. Accuracy can be reflected and the average score can be ascertained. The problem solving skills should be largely improved to save time. 


Various books and guides that contain practise tests, sample questions and extra information can be purchased. These materials can greatly benefit the students who undertake the competition for the very first time. Olympiads can help train students and inspire them to work harder.

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