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How Black-owned Businesses Are Growing?

As more focus is being placed on the black community, we are paying closer attention to the groundbreaking success of black-owned businesses. This is a major leap for these business owners, who have worked through many struggles to reach a high level of success, especially in the IT world. Here we will be drawing attention to seven black-owned tech companies who are paving a path for their community. Black-owned businesses play a major role in the UK’s economy and when taking a closer look at the IT Support in London, there has been a definite increase in black-owned IT companies.

IT communities are different all over the world and are all growing at their own pace, this may occur as either a big or small change.  Through surveying and evaluating UK businesses, it has been found that Managed IT Support London for businesses have seen a rise in IT Support and technology-based business which is a clear indicator that these companies are in it for the long run. It is no secret that people of color have had hardships throughout their lives, but the formation of these businesses are there to inspire the black youth who are still struggling and prove to them that they should go after what they want. One can only hope that they gain some motivation from these businesses and recognize that anyone can achieve greatness if they work hard enough.

Below are a few black-owned IT and Tech companies that have been thriving:

  • CareCutz
  • Streamlytics
  • PopCom
  • Housing Joint Venture
  • Lisner
  • AbiliLife
  • Black Girls Code

An extremely proud statistic for people of colour is that black women have the fastest-growing small business owner demographic on a global scale. Companies who are just relatively new to the environment having just started and could gain a lot of confidence in the industry from stories of other London IT Support companies and their fast-paced growth. Many companies choose to use cloud-based platforms like Microsoft Office and they will need the Microsoft Office 365 Support London businesses use to keep their businesses running smoothly. No matter the revolutionary tech or impressive ideas, the biggest take from these companies is arguably their ability to inspire those who are underprivileged and are unsure about their futures. These companies are a huge stepping stone for those wishing to better their lives because this is where they find the drive to begin their new journey.

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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