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How Augmented Reality is Changing Smartphone Usability

Mainstream trends in the realm of smartphones don’t solely contain a newly added dark mode for your iOS device or minor privacy control tweaks in the latest Android OS but a lot more. If you have been a fan of virtual reality headsets but have now grown out of it, we have a good news for you.  Augmented Reality is back again with its ever-growing innovations in a smartphone-ridden world.

Augmented Reality apps are not elusive to some of the modern day mobile phones only.There are still some areas where progress is yet to take place. Here’s how augmented reality has impacted smartphone usability so far and the areas it’s expected to change.

Augmented Reality is Changing Smartphone Usability

Mobile Games

As if catching Pokémon on your Nintendo DS wasn’t enough, Niantic released an AR version of the game called Pokémon GO in July 2016. Soon the game took over the app stores by storm and now the phenomenal influence left by Pokémon Go has encouraged the development of AR games on app stores and consoles. However, the realm of AR in gaming is yet to be fully explored. Avid gamers duly expect further advancements.

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Photo Filters

Snapchat was the first social media platform to introduce AR stickers, filters and geo-location tags. Over time,platforms such as Facebook and Instagram adopted this trend and became a part of the cult. AR emoji on Samsung phones and An imoji on iOS devices are two great examples of animated custom media that user scan share with their friends. Sharing photos or videos digitally isn’t unconventional but AR simulated animations and visuals have made people glued to their phones more than ever – exactly what a smartphone manufacturing company wants.

Navigation Control

Navigation apps such as Google Maps are becoming the new norm for smartphones,which still comes as a surprise to many especially since Google released an AR navigation assistance option for both Android and iOS. Nothing is more confusing than the map showing a certain route in a 2D view. Now that Google Maps is integrated with AR assistance, users can choose their desired location and view a detailed visualization of each pathway extensively on the map.

Movies & TV Shows

AR movies and TV shows might sound far-off to some but chances are this technology will soon shift toward the entertainment industry just how it encompassed video games and apps. Simply visualizing how a horror movie would look like in AR on your smartphone sends shivers down your legs. It’s anticipated that production houses won’t be confined to 2D and 3D content only.

Possibly, more interactive entertainment content will be available online just as Netflix did so with its Black Mirror Bandersnatch movie. The Netflix movie wasn’t rendered in AR but who knows you would one day watch your movie in a virtual yet physical world.

Intelligent Assistants

Digital personal assistants such as Siri for iOS and Google Assistant for Android have helped enhance smartphone usability to the point that they expected voice support to replace smart touch for good. But intelligent assistants were ingenious initially and now have become a feature as common as the widgets on your phone. AR still hasn’t brought any changes to smart assistants however, just picture how helpful and dynamic it would be if we could set visual reminders through Google Assistant and Siri. In turn, there will be an increment in the usability of intelligent assistants.


Technological blessings are abundant. Augmented Reality sounds like a concept extracted straight out of a sci-fi movie but what seems incredible to most of us is how it is turning everything impossible into a reality. The scope of AR technology will never be limited to a certain industry. Soon more industries will adopt it and leave all of us in awe. Until then, the usability of smartphones is being refined.Hopefully, future improvements in AR will only serve for our benefit.

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