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How an HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminder App Can Help Your Medical Office

In the past, if you wanted to make an appointment with your doctor, you scheduled an appointment with the person at the front desk. They used a medical appointment book and calendar to set up your next consultation.

After your appointment was set, the attendant at the desk often followed up before your appointment date and placed a reminder call. However, people get busy in life, and frequently, some appointment were forgotten and had to be reset.

How an HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminder App Can Help Your Medical Office

Fortunately, technology, today, enables doctors to schedule and send out reminders to their patients much more conveniently. Today, front office personnel can notify a patient by using an appointment reminder app.

Moreover, this type of app allows you to be HIPAA compliant, which means that your patient’s data (files, charts, and records) are fully protected by law. Therefore, you can send out reminders and keep them confidential and secure. By implementing HIPAA audit controls, you can reassure your patients while maintaining confidentiality in the medical environment.

A More Efficient Way to Support Your Office’s Protocol

Did you know that using an appointment reminder software is noticeably more time-efficient and worthwhile? In fact, most people will keep their appointments when you make the technology part of your operational protocol. About 90% of patients show up for appointments when the software is used.

Use an Appointment Reminder App that Supports HIPAA Activities

If you wish to remain HIPAA compliant and use an appointment reminder app that will do just that, begin by reviewing a website, such as AppointmentReminders.com.

What makes the app so handy is that you can easily integrate it with other software programs – programs that are used for scheduling and billing. Therefore, you can synchronize your software programs so everything works with streamlined ease.

Also, reminders may be sent out using phone calls, emails, or text messaging. So, you can use one type of reminder, or mix your reminders to ensure that everything goes as planned. This type of adaptability extends to doctors and just about anyone who works in a business or medical setting.

Again, an HIPAA compliant app can be connected to an EMR (electronic management record) software system conveniently and easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about compromising anything that is medically confidential with respect to your patient’s files.

Get Quick Confirmations – With Just the Press of a Button

The idea is to keep everything in the strictest confidence while setting appointments and sending out reminders. Moreover, you can customize your reminders so you’ll get quick confirmations. For example if you send out SMS text reminders, the patient can easily text you back by inserting the numeral “1” to confirm the appointment.

In addition, you can add information, such as a location, room number or a payable amount to support any appointment info you send out.

If you use the app to send out reminders by phone, you can choose from a wide array of voice files for reminder updates. When sending out email reminders, customers merely have to press a button to okay their appointment.

Make Everything Run More Smoothly

Make appointment setting and sending out reminders simpler and easier for your patients. Keep everything legal and HIPAA compliant by upgrading to a reminder system that ensures a higher level of continuity and patient care.

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